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Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire is a New York-based, French director, whose acclaimed film Johnny Mad Dog (2008) about child-soldiers from Liberia won the Grand Prix at Moscow's 2morrow Film Festival. Sauvaire's film was covered by many top media outlets, including The Guardian UK, The Independent, Time Out, and others. His other work include Matalo! (2005), a short film, Carlitos Medellin (2004), a documentary, A Dios (2001), a short documentary, and La mule (2000), another short film.

Films by Jean-StephaneSauvaire

Fragment #2 from "Johnny Mad Dog"
Fragment #1 from "Johnny Mad Dog"
Making of "Johnny Mad Dog"
Trailer "Johnny Mad Dog"
Fragment from "Carlitos Medellin"
50 Years of Uninterrupted Violence
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Trailer "Carlitos Medellin"