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Jonathan is a Toronto-born animation filmmaker based in Montreal. Jonathan studied traditional animation at Sheridan College (2003) where he produced the film Sherry, like the Drink, a tribute to his mother. After a year at Seneca College (2004) studying 3D animation, Jonathan moved to Montreal where he wrote, directed, and animated his first professional film Asthma Tech at the National Film Board of Canada. He then went on to co-produce and animate the first installment of a series of videos with Kid Koala entitled Floor Kids. After freelancing as a 3D pre-viz animator on such feature films as The Spiderwick Chronicles and The Mummy 3, Jonathan further pursued his animation filmmaking studies at Concordia University (2009). During his two years there, he experimented with different themes and media producing two films, Just Another Floor Kids Battle and Alpha Beta Complex. In early 2010, Jonathan was awarded grants and financial support from SODEC, Canada Arts Council, Bravo!FACT, Charles Street Video and the NFB, for his latest short film Requiem for Romance, which was completed in January 2012. During the production of Requiem for Romance, he was also simultaneously working as an animator on the feature film from France entitled Le Jour des Corneilles and the cartoon network series Ugly Americans. His awards have included the Certificate of Excellence at the Chicago Children's Film Festival, Best Short Film at the DC APA Film Festival, several Teletoon Scholarships.