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Filmmakers » Make Up artist, Stylist, Costume Designer

All my life I have had a passion to create an image for people, to make them feel different and look special. While pursuing my study at the Moscow based French Art School I became an assistant to a leading Specialist and Professor of our School. During my time in School and after my graduation I was associated with top Russian models and fashion designers. I was involved in different fashion show events in Moscow and New York.

But no matter how much knowledge and experience do you have, I believe that you always have to learn new things and improve your skills. As a stylist I try to follow new fashion trends. But at the same time, I never blindly impose on people my ideas and experiments in modern fashion. I always cooperate with my client. My goal is to create her or his personal style according to their inside world and their self-expression. It is always a pleasure for me to help people feel confident and satisfied about their look.