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Swaroop Kanchi is a Bangalore based International Independent Film Maker. He has shot films in Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Thailand & the Himalayas.

Totally self taught, he started making films at the age of 16. He won his first award for a film called "The End" at the Bangalore Film Festival. He made several shorts before embarking on his first Big Feature at the age of 18. "Black Sugar", a film set in Bangalore took him more than two years to complete. The film had a cast of more than a hundred and over 800 people were auditioned for the main roles. All was not in vain as the film premiered at the New York International Film Festival and went on to become a Cult Classic winning rave reviews and a distribution contract in the USA.

He soon moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in films over there and made two features "Acid" which starred two upcoming Hollywood stars Chris Cunningham and Sabrina Bolin and "Taxiwallah" a superhero film with a Sikh Taxi driver playing the main Lead. After his successful stint in the studios of Hollywood, Kanchi moved back to India to work on Indian subjects.

He worked on several films for social service organizations and made films for several causes such as AIDS, Education for the poor and Healthcare.

In 2007, he made a film on the "Kumbha Mela", an event that draws the biggest congregation of people in the world. Millions of people attend this event once in 12 years to take a dip in the holy Ganges and celebrate this event with great festivities.

"Hong Kong Dreaming" was the next feature in the pipeline for Kanchi. Hong Kong Based film makers collaborated with Indian Film Makers for the first time to make this film. This is the first ever co-production film between India and China. The film stars well known actors Kai C Wong & Fiona Man.

Kanchi Directed wrote the screenplay for the film, Produced it, was the Director of Photography & also edited the Film. The film was an opportunity to showcase his multi-faceted skills. He is currently (as of 2008 May) involved with the release of the film and getting ready with his next offering.