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What are we?

The First Post is a free and independent daily online news magazine – a place to find out what the news means, a place to read about the issues of the day in short, sharp, informative articles. Most articles are presented on single pages which eliminate the need to scroll. And, as you will discover, it is a very easy site to find your way around.

Why are we special?

Many news-based sites are merely the by-product of newspapers or broadcasting organisations; some are nothing more than a series of links to articles on other sites. The First Post is independent and exclusively online; we commission all our articles.

How we can help you

The First Post is designed to save your time by keeping you up to date with current affairs in as few words as possible. The British Sunday press, for instance, has much to offer – several kilos each week – but most of it can be thrown away unread, which indeed it is. On The First Post you can read our digest of THE SUNDAY PAPERS and find out the essentials within minutes. The same is true of THE SPORTS PAGES and NEWSDESK.

How we can entertain you

The First Post has a growing popular appeal as a desktop entertainment venue. The Cinema in our multimedia VIDEO section not only has a rich and ever-expanding collection of movie trailers, but also some of the best modern classics of those quirky web-inspired genres: the hyper-short movie and the viral ad. We pick the best material from the net and present it for you to enjoy at your desk or in your home.