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Filmmakers » Director, Director of Production, Editor, Cinematographer

Director, screenwriter, artist, animator, sound designer, and producer, Antanas Janauskas was born in 1937 in Lithuania. After graduating from the school of applied arts in Telsiai in 1965, he started working at the Lithuanian Film Studio. He has made animated insertions for documentaries and popular science films.

His film “Iniciatyva ”(1970) was the first film made at the Lithuanian Film Studio. Since 1991 he works at his own Animaciniu filmu studija AJ.


1.INICIATYVA (Initiative ) 1970
2.VAISTINELE (Medicine chest) 1971 3.ANTSPAUDAS (The Stamp) 1986 4.UZKRECIANTIS PAVYZDYS (A catching example) 1987
5.PALANKIOS APLINKYBES (Favourable conditions) 1989
6.KEDE (The chair) 1996
7.SEKANTIS! (The next!) 1996
8.UZSISEK SAUGOS DIRZA!(Fasten yor seatbelt!) 1996
9.OVACIJOS (Ovations) 1998 10.TELEGASTROVIZIJA (Telegastrovision) 2000
11.TRUMPAS SUJUNGIMAS (Short Circuit) 2003
12.URZGIANTI PAGALVĖ (A Growling Pillow)2010