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AtheroNova (OTCBB: AHRO) is an early stage biotech company focused on discovery, research, development and licensing of novel compounds to reduce or regress atherosclerotic plaque deposits. The Company's focus on compounds to reduce or eliminate atherosclerotic plaque deposits addresses the most lucrative segments of the multi-billion dollar prescription drug market: cardiovascular disease and stroke prevention.

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Existing classes of cholesterol reduction drugs, including statins, have demonstrated market success, rapidly achieving blockbuster status and billions of dollars in sales without demonstrating any efficacy at reducing atherosclerosis at commonly used dosage levels. Only one study demonstrated even minimal efficacy at reducing plaque, and then only on patients taking the maximum approved dosage for two years.

Although additional research and development is required, AtheroNova has the potential to produce atherosclerosis drugs that will regress or eliminate atherosclerotic fatty plaques. The Company is currently completing two additional studies to validate the efficacy findings of its initial study and prepare for upcoming human trials. The Company plans to develop multiple applications for its compounds.