1. 200 Bitcoins

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Kuna Goda’s 200 Bitcoins pays homage to not only bitcoin, but to the inspiration that set the basis of the work’s art style. Andy Warhol’s 200 One Dollar Bills put the gears in motion for Goda to make his own money-related piece.

What truly made the spirit of bitcoin come to life in this piece was that it was sold in bitcoin. However, both Goda and the buyer have agreed to not reveal the exact sale price. It is said that the buyer spent less than $90,000 in bitcoin on the work.

200 BitcoinsGoda explained his reasoning for his piece, saying:

“As a lifelong fan of Andy Warhol I knew that he connected money and art in his 1962 Dollar Bill series, which featured 200 one dollar bills. I thought Bitcoin deserves the same and so I created ’200 Bitcoins’. I think Warhol once said that one should rather frame and hang the money itself on the wall than buying art with it. I always liked that way of thinking.”

Goda bases most of his art off of technology. He says that his follow up to 200 Bitcoins will also incorporate the theme of money. It will identify the critical state of the US dollar.

Artistic freedom is one of the most vocal forms of expression out there. For creators to devote time and effort shows how truly bitcoin is to them. Bitcoin has the power to change the financial world for the better. Paying respect to it by allowing to be seen in a positive light is daring and remarkable.


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