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  1. Introduce 1- Click Image Ranker

You are spending a ton of your hard, wasting time and money to put your keywords on the top of google. But there are too many competitors and their methods are the same you.

You tried your best but your keyword ranking is still low and just a little of customers accessed your website

You are anxious to find new ways overcome competitors, attract more customers and improve ranking on google but it’s more difficult than you thought and you are in an impasse

So why do not you refresh your site and replace the boring text by adding the vivid images? It not only helps your content more attractive but also help you increase traffic, sales and commissions. Why is that?

Because google appreciate blended results such as: maps, news, video and images. So your site will rank higher. The visuals will stimulate customers more action

But how to create unique and amazing images for your site? How to optimize your image?

If this is your problem, you are lucky man because you found 1-Click Image Ranker WordPress Plugin. Creating images based on content and optimizing them with keywords you selected fast and fully automatic.


  1. How it works

1- Click Image Ranker allows you create an image automatically, optimize the image with the key word you selected. Then you can add optimized images to all your pages with one click.

1-Click Image Ranker

1-Click Image Ranker

  • Creating an image quickly: You can choice the background color, font size, font faces and many things that you like and create an image in a few minutes
  • Optimize images: No problems if you are a technophobe and don’t know anything about SEO. 1-Click Image Ranker will do all the work for you. You will be surprised about results.
  • Inserting images automatically: Just a click your image will be inserted in your content
  • Optimizing available images or replace with new image: If your content has already an image you like, you can optimize it. If not, you can create a new image quickly then replace it.
  • Optimizing posts and pages you create in the future automatically if you want.


  1. The advantages of 1-Click Image Ranker


1-Click Image Ranker

Saving time: With 1-Click Image Ranker you can select you favorite settings and create a unique image in a few minutes. Your images will rank high because it’s not the same image as everyone else.

Saving money: You don’t have to hire a graphic designer to create images. That’s saving a lot of money for you.

Easy to use: If you’re not a graphic designer, you’ll be difficult to create a unique image. But with 1-Click Image Ranker, everything is guided meticulously. Creating an image easier than you though

High efficiency: With higher ranking page on google, you will get more free traffic and increase sales quickly.


  1. About the author of 1-Click Image Ranker

1-Click Image Ranker

1-Click Image Ranker

George Katsoudas is a famous internet marketer. He earns a living via affiliate marketing, blogging and product development. With him, all is great learning experiences. He always want to help more people, so he researched and released 1-Click Image Ranker. It is assessed as an excellent optimization tool to have in the box.

  1. Conclusion

Once launched, 1-Click Image Ranker has created a breakthrough in internet marketing. It is a new method to improve keyword rankings quickly and easily. Do not waste too much time, just a few simple tasks, but brings surprised effectiveness. What people say about it? “It’s very powerful, practical and intuitive”.


1-Click Image Ranker

I really recommend you buy it. Because 1-Click Image Ranker will bring to you many benefits. The price will increase in a few days. Especially, you can get a 60 – day money-back guarantee and receive free life – time update. So let’s buy it. With any problems don’t hesitate to contact with our. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

  1. BONUS

If you decide to purchase 1-Click Image Ranker in this site, you will receive some value bonuses that can help you easy rank to Google :

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1-Click Image Ranker

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