10 Breakthrough Technologies that are Changing the World

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Our life without technology is impossible to imagine. We are using technology 24 hours of a day and 7 days of a week. Imagine internet goes down all over the world then what would be the circumstances? I think it might be horrible to you if your all work is on the web. This is how technology has influenced us. As per discussion, technology is a necessary part of our lives but what are the best technologies ever invented? How do they look like? what they really do? How are they changing the world? So, to answer these questions, today I am writing about 10 Breakthrough Technologies that are Changing the World. So let us get started with the list.

① Artificial Embryos

You might have heard the name Embryos or maybe not. So let me define first what are embryos.

An embryo is an early stage of development of a multicellular diploid eukaryotic organism. In general, in organisms that reproduce sexually, an embryo develops from a zygote, the single cell resulting from the fertilization of the female egg cell by the male sperm cell. The zygote possesses half the DNA of each of its two parents. In plants, animals, and some protists, the zygote will begin to divide by mitosis to produce a multicellular organism. The result of this process is an embryo.

Source: Wikipedia

Embryologists working at the University of Cambridge in the UK have grown a real embryo of a mouse by plucking cells from another embryo. They only used a stem and there were no eggs and no sperms. The scientists placed the cells in a 3D framework and observed its activity. Soon they started to communicate with each other and line up into a typical bullet shape of a mouse embryo several days old.


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The next step of the scientists would be a human embryo. It might be possible that in a few years, they may be creating humans in labs. The progress made in this field is safe or not? I am leaving it to you to think and answer.

②  3D Metal Printing

3D printing is not new. It has been used for decades but it was unable to produce metal printing because it was slow and expensive. Now, 3D printing has been evaluated and it is easy and cheap to do the 3D metal printing. If 3D Metal Printing is adopted than there would be no need of installing heaving factories to produce metal parts of a machine or a car.


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Simply, you will feed the design into the printer and it will make a prototype of the same dimensions. With this, industrialists would be able to make the parts of any shape and any size either they are complicated or easy, everything will be done just in front of your eyes. The first metal printer was released in 2017 and costs under $100,000

③ Voice Assistants

Artificial Intelligence is always charming and fascinating. Artificial intelligence is now upgraded to that level that in a few years, American households are expected to have voice assistants in their homes just like the Amazon Echo and Apple Homepad. Voice Assistants will be very helpful in your all days working and routine. You can memorize them whatever you want and then ask them to play a voice note for them whatever you want. They will be more like a talking mobile phone which will be working on your voice. Thanks to the artificial intelligence.


Image Credits: https://geeksfl.com

④ Dueling Neural Networks

Artificial neural networks (ANNs) or connectionist systems are computing systems vaguely inspired by the biological neural networks that constitute animal brains. Such systems "learn" (i.e. progressively improve performance on) tasks by considering examples, generally without task-specific programming. For example, in image recognition, they might learn to identify images that contain cats by analyzing example images that have been manually labeled as "cat" or "no cat" and using the results to identify cats in other images.

Source: Wikipedia

Once again artificial intelligence is influencing our lives. It is so smart that if you show millions of pictures to it and it will identify which one is of a girl walking along a river side. But it is so hopeless that if you ask it to make a picture of a girl walking along a riverside then it would be blank in front of you. The problem is that it is the imaginations which imagine's of a girl walking and unfortunately, artificial intelligence cannot imagine because they do not have a brain or neural network like humans have.


Image Credits: https://www.citi.io

The scientists have found the solution to this also. Now they are Dueling Neural Networks in the artificial intelligence so that they can have imaginations and think and act like humans. The approach to give imaginations to artificial intelligence is known as the generative adversarial network or GAN. If a robot has imaginations than it could imagine whatever it wants and if they are powerful then they could do whatever they want.

So, once again I am leaving this question to you that either this Dueling Neural Networks would be good for us? Will it be helpful to us or a disaster for us?

⑤ Regenerative medicine

Imagine if there is a person whose kidneys are damaged and cannot function properly. Sooner or late he will die. The only cure for his life is to have new kidneys but who is going to give his kidney to him? I think no one. But science has made it easy for you. It might be very strange for you to hear that now doctors are growing body parts and implanting them in the human body with great success. They scrap cells of the body part and grow them in a petri dish and they grow strong enough that they could be implanted inside the body of a patient. 


Image Credits: https://www.engadget.com

A company named as Oragnovo has developed a printer which is capable of 3D printing body parts. This technology is going to be life-saving for the many of the patients suffering to death.

This is all for today and this article. This is an unfinished article and soon I am going to write its second part as soon as I see a good response from your side. Till then goodbye with a video and a chatbot.

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