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Such another city is ACAPULCO which is the city of Mexico. It is located in the beaches of America. Millions of tourists came due to very beautiful beaches in this country. Especially to avoid the winter of United States and Canada tourists are motivated here for the excellent atmosphere and climate. Like other states of Mexico this city is also surrounded by Pestilence of drug and gambling. Here the patronage of the Police and Mafia has expanded this business. On side they support human Trafficking in America as Mexico has a lot of poverty. The United States is one of the richest countries and for job millions of Mexican nationals are smuggled into neighboring states of U.S. Most people involved in the business of death are also killed in infighting. Police are powerless.

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Peshawar from Pakistan is admired as the third dangerous city of the world. Tourists have been aware about it. Although the residents are very hospitable here, but here are terrorist attacks which wrap innocent citizens and tourists. Taliban hate foreigners. Kidnappings for ransom are common here. Government is also target of this and is helpless. Often this city is echoed with blasts. Now it is not a tourist paradise.


The fourth largest and dangerous city is the capital of Venezuela having a number of universities. Once the educated students from around the world come to study in this city, and it was filled with tourists. After the death of Venezuelan president government is failed to maintain law and order in the country. Terrorism is prevailing everywhere in the country so that tourists are advised to stay away from this city.


As for the fifth city it is also concern with Latin America, it is the District II Central city of Honduras. It was created by combining three cities and it is a big city. This small country is a victim of poverty and academically ignorance. Here, in addition to drug trafficking and tourist sprawl is common.


The world’s sixth dangerous city is Sana'a belonged to Yemen. It is between Africa and the Gulf countries. The beauty of this city was due to its old charming buildings and visitors came from far and wide to see them. Now this city has become unsafe because of the war between warring groups. Especially the United States has tried to save the city from lawlessness and bloodshed but the enemies of government do not stop killings. So tourists are being prevented to go there.

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The seventh dangerous city is MAECIO in the country Brazil. Every year a population of 135 people from every million move in the face of death and here the survival of tourists is a miracle. Remember that Brazil is the country where this year's football World Cup has been played.

other three cities:

The other three cities are Mogadishu city of the Somali, Beirut the city of Lebanon and Nairobi city of Kenya are also unsafe for tourists and they are not allowed to these cities. 




 Nairobi -Kenya

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