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In current situation all people around the world are in the grip of terrorism. There is hardly any country where these terrorists are not operating their harmful activities. Even now those countries are on the top of the list where people tried 30 or 40 years to get rid from rulers are now fighting among themselves and innocent people are becoming victims of these. It includes Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Somalia, and Sudan, and all Muslim countries. In Iraq, Saddam Hussein kept people by force for the long time but he was executed to death. After that America has given power to its own persons but still Iraq is in the grasp of bombing and bloodshed. New wave of violence in Syria has crossed out the borders of Iraq and in the name of the Caliphate they have gripped every Muslim country with viciousness. Pakistan is also included in these countries. Our forces in the country are fighting against terrorists in Waziristan for the country's security but do not know where it will go.

While browsing on Internet I have read startling news that tourists refrain from visiting 10 cities in the world. Tourism-themed institutions of different countries they help from different sources to protect tourists from terrorism. This guidance was given by the tourism of U.S. and Canada. So I thought that our Pakistani people for the sake of job are spread everywhere in the world, therefore it would be appropriate to make them aware that they should use caution in these areas and a few cities are highly conscious that they should not go there at all. Unfortunately third place in the cities is the city of Peshawar of Pakistan.


The first city is in Latin America in the country of Colombia is Cali. From the beginning this country and the city was dangerous for the tourists but now it is the most dangerous. Nobody's life is not safe here even the natives themselves are not safe. From this country every kind of drugs is supplied to the United States and there are thousands of people involved in this occupation. Each region has different Mafia who control it and these people are rivals of each other. Murdering and killing is just fun for them. Government officials, including the police have become great patron of these groups. Trillions of dollars of drugs are traded. U.S with the help of agencies wants to eliminate this business but still it is not successful. 

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