10 Excellent Role Of Artificial Intelligence To Space Exploration

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10 Excellent Role Of Artificial Intelligence To Space Exploration


NASA to partner with six US companies to develop space exploration technologies. Image credit via EU(dot)com


Video Credit via YouTube, Lockheed Martin Channel

Ever wonder what is the role of Artificial Intelligence to Space exploration? There are a lot of benefits that we can get when using artificial intelligence that helps us understand and discover new boundaries in space. Through its deep machine learning, ability to gather huge volume of data, store them properly on its system, state-of-the-art multiple programs, and computer that critically analyzes all this information faster and more easily, we can be sure that artificial intelligence is the best and most powerful weapon we have to successful space exploration. 

How can we determine the roles of artificial intelligence to space exploration? Can we guarantee success for artificial intelligence to space exploration not just on the moon or on Mars but other farther galaxies? Are there any successful space exploration that uses artificial intelligence and gathering data that we are now using before to understand the life from outer space?

The Wonderful Role Of Artificial Intelligence To Space Exploration


Deep space exploration is the branch of astronomy, astronautics and space technology that is involved with the exploration of distant regions of outer space. Physical exploration of space is conducted both by human spaceflights (deep-space astronautics) and by robotic spacecraft.



Image Credit Via NASA

We are doing space exploration because we wanted to study the different celestial bodies and the history of the solar system and how it is made off so that we can understand the fundamental characteristics of each galaxy and find a new habitat for the human race. 

One of the benefits of artificial intelligence to space exploration is it allows a further study with every data that is being collected by space rovers from different parts of the moon and parts of the galaxy and transfer it over to our space control so that you can further study about all the data. Since artificial intelligence has the ability to adapt and learn with every data that is being collected we are now focusing on how we can explore properly rather than training humans on how to use a machine. 

The artificial intelligence that is being implied and connected to every device that allows further chances of meeting new life forms outside our territory in a peaceful way. 

The Solar System is the gravitationally bound planetary system of the Sun and the objects that orbit it, either directly or indirectly. Of the objects that orbit the Sun directly, the largest are the eight planets, with the remainder being smaller objects, such as the five dwarf planets and small Solar System bodies




Image credit via Space News


A Brief History Of Space Exploration And Artificial Intelligence Innovation

The history of space exploration started in October 1957 by the Soviets who have launched the first-ever artificial satellite named Sputnik 1. Later on, after four years, marks the history of the first-ever space exploration by Russian Lt. Yuri Gagarin who became the first human to orbit the Earth for 108 minutes. Yuri Gagarin reached an altitude of 202 miles or 327 Kilometers by flying with the Vostok 1 in April 1961.


The Vostok 1 space capsule that took Yuri Gagarin once around the Earth. Image credit via Cosmos Magazine

Since then, The use of technology and artificial intelligence has evolved more than the first man who orbited planet Earth. Even though they've used artificial intelligence during those days it is far better than today as technology evolves with continuous innovation and integration of different system to further improve the data that were being collected and analyzed to which is the farthest most beneficial to the human race. The algorithms and the fast analyzation skills of artificial intelligence has been one of the main roles of every successful experimentations and space exploration. 


Video credit via YouTube, list25 channel

Another key benefit and an excellent role of artificial intelligence to space exploration is the health and safety of astronauts or human exploration and instead, we use artificial intelligence to machines and robotics that lessen the risk factor for injury than most humans cannot endure in outer space. Deep machine learning and robotics then gives a major benefit and advantage when it comes to data collection on unknown places in outer space. 

On the other hand, there are also a lot of benefits when it comes to artificial intelligence to space exploration which helps further advanced technology that can help in the growth of the economy. Since space exploration stimulates and motivates the integration and innovation of science and technology and also motivates new and advanced system for the technological workforce making a huge activity for the human to explore more with every data that has been collected. 



ExoMars Space Rover, Image credit Via Esa(dot)net

Since artificial intelligence and machine learning have been used to space rover that allows them to make critical decision making in outer space whenever they roam over to different areas to collect data and information for every space exploration. It takes time for radio waves to transmit from earth's radio controller to this artificial intelligence imposed rover to roam over to Mars. The critical analysis of data allows them to decide on their own through the AI driving system which detects obstacles along the way and finding a better and safer route to travel and explore. 

Since we are using artificial intelligence for bringing forth astronauts and all the supplies they needed through their space exploration going to the International Space Station. With the smart technology and innovation that is used on this space exploration, surely artificial intelligence has a big role not just for the human race but for the advancement of technology and exploring new boundaries that were limited before but it is not impossible now with artificial intelligence.


Space Shuttle Image credit via pinterest

In this article, we will discuss further more about the benefits that we can get from artificial intelligence to space exploration we will further then discuss these benefits

  1. Making new innovations and scientific discoveries that aids with science and technologies new and advanced system to further improve our economy 
  2. We are one step away to an accurate measurement of the pollution that is present. With the continuous monitoring of the quality of the air water and soil that we have.
  3. With artificial intelligence, we can monitor the vast changes of climate in our region and even the whole planet
  4. Artificial intelligence also motivates younger students to study and be interested in science and technology 
  5. Satellites that were artificially intelligent driving' allows us to use cellular phones and rich to our loved ones even if we are far away through communication 
  6. Uniting the world with continuous exploration in space 
  7. Artificial intelligence through space exploration also allows us to understand further the human body and aids with illnesses and further discover improvement and treatment to the said issues and problems 
  8. Artificial intelligence also allows us to perform critical and surgical operations that were made in space by robotics
  9. Contrary to the setbacks that were being issued with artificial intelligence, truly there will be lots of jobs that were inclined with science and technology for humans. 
  10. With robotics performing surgeries in outer space to save human lives especially space crew a softening door also for earth in habitats to a successful operation with critical situations. This helps to further understand and widen the perspective when it comes to medicines, industry and other related applications


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We will also discuss the four types Of Space Exploration With Artificial Intelligence

  • Flyby Space Mission
  • Orbiter Spacecraft
  • Rovers With AI System
  • Human Exploration With The Aid Of Robotics

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