10 Hilarious Posters That Show How Pakistani Moms Motivate Us

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Ever wondered how it would feel, if your mom’s ‘daily sayings’ turned into inspirational quotes? How would it feel if people started sharing these sayings which you’ve always feared and, you just wish you don’t hear them again (which obviously you will). Well, check out these inspirational ‘mom quotes’ and have a laugh! We bet you would love these and your mom will too! 

1. What she has said is the end of a conversation. Not a single word after that.


2. Eat whatever she has cooked, or simply go on a ‘bhook hartaal’


3. To avoid her chappals, once must do as she pleases. No ifs or buts. Period.


4. One must NEVER look her in the eye. Beware of the reactions if you do!


5. After years and years she’ll always regret your existence.


6. The one and the ONLY way out of boredom is to ‘study’ or read a book. Please maa baksh do!

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7. The sentence that haunts a girl for life.. well until the day she gets married.


8. No matter how sincere and pure those tears are, they’ll always be perceived as ‘crocodile tears’


9. Her sixth sense. Yes, she has a sixth sense, and it is indeed the strongest one of them all! She can predict EVERYTHING!


10. The taunts are never ending if you’re a girl, and still unmarried at the age of 25 .. you start to live with it..


Moms are the CUTEST!! They’re indeed the most beautiful beings we’ve been blessed with! What are your mom’s favorite sayings? Let us know. Maybe we’ll turn them into quotes and share them on our page!  Keeping loving your mums!

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