10 Lessons From The Lion King

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All of us I suppose is very familiar with the epic animated musical fantasy movie, The Lion King. Most of us perhaps have it as their favorite back in their childhood and most probably, we are still considering it as the best Disney Movie in terms of the storyline, the song selection, and even its characters.

We all fell in love with Mufasa and Simba and Pumba, as well as Timon and no other Disney Movie out there, had outlasted it to be the greatest hit that even being grown-ups, we are still into this film.

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Count me in because I still do love The Lion King. But there's a remake of the classic movie and everyone's excited including yours truly. Two days ago, a teaser trailer was posted by Disney and in 2019, a new The Lion King film will be released. Watching the short preview prompted me to open my Netflix account and watched the 1994 animation by myself while lying on the bed with the audio at almost full volume. Who else likes to watch movies with full volume?

As I was watching the film and going through each sequence of scenes, singing along with the music and personally feasting my eyes on the cartoon version of the landscapes of the Savanna Forest, it came to a scene where Mufasa was giving good lines to Simba about how the stars are the great kings and they are watching over us.


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So I thought, I have to share these quotes with you all. I know this had been done before with other websites and blogs but I still want to share and elaborate these further in my own way.

Without further ado, here are my 10 favorite lines and the lessons we can learn from them.

10 Lessons from the Lion King

1. A king's time as ruler rises and falls like the sun.


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This line was given by Mufasa to Simba when he was showing him their territory during a sunrise. It is a great line that every leader should learn from. It meant there's nothing permanent in the world, even the sun has to set to give way for the moon to reign over this part of the Earth, so it is very important to be humble, to keep both keep on the ground, keeping all the good qualities which made you rule over the kingdom or the territory.

2. We are all connected in the great circle of life.


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Another line was spoken by Mufasa to Simba while they were playing at the grounds of Savanna. He was telling him about how he must respect every creature, either big or small.

This taught me a lesson too, reminding myself about being responsible to the creatures and nature around me. It is true that we don't live forever in this world and that sooner or later, we will return to the ground where mud and soil eat our flesh and worms will feast on our human inners until only bones are left.

3. I'm only brave when I have to be. Being brave doesn't mean you go looking for trouble.


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Mufasa was telling Simba after the latter had deliberately disobeyed him, a response to what Simba mentioned that he was just trying to be brave.

It is indeed true that we have to choose our battles. There are times when we can opt to go out there to the battles without really thinking ahead of the circumstances. This type of bravery is not what bravery is really about.

Also, a person who's really brave is someone who can manage emotional pressure and certainly can control himself when things go the other way of what he is expecting.

4. Guess even the kings get scared, huh?


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Simba's reply when Mufasa's teaching him about bravery.

All of us has someone to look up to, someone of higher rank whom we respect so much due to his or her bravery and fearlessness but it is not true that those people are superhuman, they too like you and me are just human beings, they have feelings as well and even if they would try to look brave and unafraid, underneath reveals the same human emotions which includes fear.

Perhaps they are just good at covering that emotion. And if that emotion reveals, remember it is just human and allow them to be.

5. You gotta put your past behind ya!

Timon hit the bullet with this line for Simba who was running away from the past.

Our past may sometime hunt us because of what we have done when we were still in that part of our lives, there's no reason of sticking to the past bad decisions or the wrongdoings that we have made. Our past does not define us, we may not be able to change the things that had happened in the past, we still can do something for our future that we won't do the same mistakes that we have done in the past.

So put your past behind but learn from it and never do the same mistake twice.

6. When the world turns its back on you, you turn your back on the world.


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Our role on Earth may take time to be discovered. When people around us, sometimes those whom we thought were friends and families would betray us and leave us, we don't have to keep pursuing them, we have to learn to let go and move on.

True enough, this line is true both in love and life. We have to learn to accept things, leave it up to the heavens and although it may hurt a bunch, we got to choose to live and move on with our lives without those people. Things will work out fine.

7. Hakuna Matata - no worries for the rest of your days.


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Timon and Pumba's problem-free philosophy is one which we have to hold on when there are uncontrollable things that occurs in our lives. Worrying won't even help when troubles come. Worrying is just like a rocking chair, you keep exerting effort here and there but it won't bring you to the resolution of the problem.

So instead of worrying about anything, be a part of the solution instead. Act upon the issues and take precautionary decisions and actions.

This reminded me of a sermon I have heard last Sunday, worrying doesn't add years to our lives. Worrying even would shorten our lives because of the numerous bad hormones that it produces into the body which eventually would attack the immune system. So worrying brings nothing but stress and worse, it can cause the destruction of our bodies.

8. The great kings of the past are watching over us.

Mufasa may perhaps be referring to the previous kings before him but to me, this is a reminder that my Lord and King is watching over me. He is the omnipotent, omnipresent who loves a wretch like me, who will never leave me nor forsake me. That when I have concerns on my own, he will take care of me.

9. You can't change the past - Simba ; But we can make peace with it. - Rafiki


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This is such a great advise from Rafiki. Just like the previous advise by Timon, it is not good to keep staying with the past. In this quote, Simba insists that he doesn't want to keep looking at the past but Rafiki's answer was better because although our past can't be changed, we can definitely do something not to do the same mistakes.

Making peace with it means we have to accept our inequities and find the courage to give ourselves permission to fail but to certainly never do the same.

10. The past can hurt, but as you can see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.


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Our realizations of our own wrongdoings from our history can be the first step to giving ourselves the precaution not to do the same thing again.

There are indeed only two ways to get yourself away from the wrong decisions that have been done from yesterday, that's either we keep ourselves busy to forget about it and do the same mistakes all over again or perhaps we can contemplate on our actions, regret, repent and intentionally forgive ourselves and promise in the bottom of our hearts not to do the same mistakes.


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As a conclusion, the reason why I love this movie,The Lion King is not just because of the great story, simple but very significant in our daily lives, it also bears a lot of motivational and inspiring lines to learn from.

I am pretty excited about the new movie, I will definitely look forward to it and will not miss it! Let me know if you have the seen the short sneak peek and share your thoughts below in the comments section!


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