10 magic Tips to Keep Women Interested

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10 magic tips to Keep women Interested !




1. Don't spend all your time with her 

Have your life too, spending all your time at beginning of your relationship is off-putting and boring. Outside the relationship, hang out with your friends and enjoy. that helps you to have interesting things to talk about.


2. Make Decision 

You should be able to decide. If you always defer to her, she feel you are not confident in your judgement. by being decisive, you show some positive and attractive character traits. but don't try to ignore her for her opinion or preference - that's rude !!! . you can maintain her interest and a fact that don't give her all the responsibility.


3. Be Creative 

Show your creative side by making plans. By doing this, you will keep her interested, because she won't know what to expect. Women love you when you provide excitement !


4. Let her discover you over time 

You should spend time learning about her, she will also want to know things about you. Rising some mystery will keep her interested, but don't clam up and tell her nothing. if you make it too hard to discover who you are, she will get bored. Reveal new things to her over time, it could be story from your past, hobbies and interests, and other snippets of information. 


5. Be Spontaneous

Check the local upcoming events and then " just happen " to be in the area when they're happening. This shows you are fun and and that you can act on your impulses -- which is always going to be exciting for her. 


6. Ask her about things she like

Be conversationalist, it is useful at any stage of a relationship, and essential in maintaining her interest. after a while you will certainly have a few topics that is interested in. Bring these topics up and ask her questions about them. By allowing her to discuss things she love's about, you will virtually guarantee that she'll have a good time. It is also a good way to encourage her to repeat the experience with you. 


7. Keep Moderate Contact 

If you spend every moment of every day with her, that is overwhelming and off-putting. being unavailable sometimes is a good trait, it means you are not so needy and have your own life too. but you should not avoid her without good reason, you need to make sure you have something to do.If you constantly blow her off, you just seem as a bit of jerk, and she feels you are just playing with her.


8. Wear Smart 

Most people think they just need to look best only at the beginning of a relationship. But they don't know the woman was attracted to was that well-groomed individual she first met. Maintain your high standards of grooming. Wear smart, clean outfits, and make sure you don't look unkempt and disheveled. Keep your body well by exercise and make sure your six-pack is not turning into a pot belly.


9. Have a Distinct Smell 

Smelling good is and important way to keep a woman interested. Because women have very sensitive olfactory senses. having distinctive scent can be extremely evocative for her. It can make her feel safe, happy or excited and create a series of positive associations with you. By having a scent that she recognizes as yours, every time she smells it she will think of you. It is a natural response, and one that can be used very effectively to keep her interested.


10. Be a Good Kisser 

An important way to keep her interested is to be a good kisser. First Kiss can make or break a relationship. A good kiss sends a surge of endorphins through her system, while she may not be ready to jump into bed with you, but your ability to kiss good may offer her a few enticing hints of your capabilities. 


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