10 Mistakes done by newbie while blogging

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10 Mistakes done by newbie while blogging.

Everyone has a tendency to make a mistake in new work they adapt.
One is most vulnerable when he is new to particular work.Same is with blogging, newbie tends to make more mistake than to one who is used to blogging.Blogging is not the fun thing, as many people think it is too easy to start a blog and probably earn from it.But one needs to be patient and focused on objective/niche.You blog wont get worldwide fame overnight until you come up with something special.
Well it's okay to make mistakes when you are a newbie, rectifying them is more important.If you can correct your mistakes it is the only thing that will differentiate from other beginners.
I am goona mention some point which are mostly made by newbie and one should refrain from making that mistakes as it can cost your blog alot.

1.Laziness while writing
Writing 2-3 post than feeling tired or out of energy to write more.This happens mostly with newbie you need to create a passion for writing, something like determination to write as what you write represents your blog and you.So put your laziness for writing away and start posting ;)

2.Trying to be too much versatile
Yes newbie try to be too much versatile in order to attract audience from all subjects.This thing is also known has multi-niche error.At present world is of speciality you need to get specialization in one subject.Rather than knowing something in every field you should at-least know everything about one subject.Do not let this happen to you be focused on one niche and keep doing research on it.

3.Usage of high English
Yes usage of your words in your article also matter as eventually your audience reads your article and they wont like to keep dictionary next to them while reading your article.You should avoid usage of heavy words keep it simple and sober and readable for everyone.

4.Copying Content from other sources
Most easy to keep posting frequently on blog is to copy content from other sources and publishing on your blog.This is most biggest mistake one could do.No one loves to read copied article even google and other search enginge as they wont index your copied article so put your head down and write up own article.

5.Not including images in post
Pictures in the post reflect the target of your post easily.Pictures are eye catchy to the reader.Good images always attracts visitors.Its always good to include one image in your post but you shouldn't use copyrighted material, it would be good to create your own image and use it.

6.No use of social media
Social Media is most important part for SEO and it has become a substance which can not be avoided in any work.Social media really brings good amount of traffic and for newbie it would only source to bring traffic to your new blog.Many people tend to avoid google+ but it is also useful as facebook and twitter. Share it as much as you can without spamming.

7.Quality over quantity
Quality should be given more importance than quantity as newbie you tend to write too many article's but writing with proper content after doing research rather than just writing them with what's on your mind.In Blogging world quality of your articles indirectly relates to the amount of traffic.

8.Interlinking error
There are two things that happen with newbie in interlinking.One will use too many interlinks and other wont use any of them.Interlinking is a good practise of SEO but keeping them in right proportion they give best result, probably 4-5 interlinks a post and dont forget to update them if you change there link.

9.Organised Blogging
Blog means writing what you have on your mind, but one shouldn't do that.If you get a idea put them in draft post, develop proper bunch of words around your idea and than publish it. Keeping journal also helps never publish any unfinished post and your should assign priorities to your subject and than work on them.

10.Bad design
Design of the blog is what makes most impact on first time visitor, better theme would certainly help.Never use too many third party widgets it just messes up blog and also slows down it.Logo also plays vital role better go to fiverr and get a professional logo in 5$.While designing your blog always remember "First impression is last impression."

I do hope this article help you find what mistakes you committed and solving them, Finding own mistakes and solving them will stand you out of other bloggers.If this article does helps you than do share.

Thank you.


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