10 qualities of a good businessman.

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I hope you are fine and in good health. The topic of my blog is about characteristics of a good businessman. In this blog, I'm going to define who is a businessman and what are the qualities of a good businessman. I would explain everything about businessman and it's qualities as best as I can. So, let's just begin.

                                                               Who is a businessman?


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 As for businessman, he or she is a person who runs a business or in another word a person who is engaged in buying and selling of goods & services is a businessman. A business also has to be a legal activity, illegal activities like smuggling of drugs and alcohol are not to be considered as a legal activity in some country. So, a businessman is a person who is engaged in a legal activity of buying and selling of goods & services with a purpose to earn a profit.

This is the definition of a businessman as per Wikipedia:

"A business person is a person involved in the business sector – in particular someone undertaking activities (commercial or industrial) for the purpose of generating cash flow, sales, and revenue utilizing a combination of human, financial, intellectual and physical capital with a view to fuelling economic development and growth."


Here see the video to know the difference between entrepreneur and businessman:


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Now that you know who is a businessman, I'm sure that you really knew that all the businessman are not equal but what is it that separates them from each other. It is their qualities that separate them from each other. If they don't differ in their qualities they'll have been same and all of them would be a good businessman.

                                                          Qualities of goods businessman


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As I have mentioned previously that all the businessman differs in some of the qualities that make them more or less successful than other businessmen, so I did come up with ten qualities that are found in good businessman that make them different from others.

(1) Farsightedness:

A good businessman has a quality of farsightedness, that means that he should predict the consequences of his actions. Anyone who has farsightedness, anyone who see to the end the consequence of his action never makes a bad decision. So, the first quality for a goods businessman should be farsightedness.

(2) Being a courteous person:


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   Being courteous is one of the most important quality a businessman should have. Businessman have to attend a lot of meetings and they have to meet a lot of people, no one like someone who is rude and disrespect people. So, a goods businessman should have a quality of courtesy.

(3) Hardworking person:

No matter in which career you are, being a hard worker is most important above all. you can be farsightedness and also courteous, but still, you won't be able to be in any career you choose. So, being a hardworking person is essential for being a good businessman.

(4) An honest person:

Businessman should be honest with everyone including himself. Problem in today's world is that people are not even honest with themselves, they have no integrity. First a businessman should be honest with himself and then with his employee's and his client & customers, only then a person can become a good businessman.

(5) A man with high confidence:

Confidence is only thing that can separate winners from losers. What people overestimate is the ability of people and underestimate their own abilities. Another one of the quality of good businessman is that he has utmost confidence in himself and that is the only thing that separate a good businessman from a average businessman.

(6) A man of influence:

A good businessman is always a great leader. All the great leaders in the world have one thing in common having a goods influence on people. Same could be said for a businessman, a good businessman must have a high influence on the people he works with, only then employee's or other people who work with him are going to work full heartedly with him.

(7) Patience:

If there is something that people lack the most is patience. Patience is a virtue, you must have heard that, right? Anyway, if only a person has patience only then he could conquer the whole world. A businessman should be patient in his defeats and wait for the right moment to rise.

(8) Being emotionless:

Emotion has no place in the business world, that is the reason why some businessman fail a lot. They get emotional, when they win, they start to feel pride that they are undefeatable and when they fail then they become despair. A businessman should never get emotional in any situation, if he wins he should be humble and if he lose then he should be patient.

(9) A person who can plan and organize:

Planning and organizing are most essential in running a successful business. A good businessman must be good in planning and organizing the matters of business, if a businessman has not his quality then it become a lot difficult for him to run business successfully.

(10) A person with business knowledge:

Starting a business is just not it to become a successful or good businessman. A businessman must have knowledge of market and its aspects. He must have knowledge of two great forces in market demand & supply. A good businessman always known, where to invest and why invest their.


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