10 Spectacular Budget Airlines That Will Not Disappoint Travelers

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Budget airlines have quickly become an important part of the airline industry. As more and more people from all walks of life grow increasingly connected, air travel is growing from a luxury to a necessity. Particularly for students and travelers on a budget, low cost airlines are an indispensable way to get where you are going and see more of the world. The following 10 budget airlines offer an impressive array of features and services, despite their low fares.

JetBlue Airlines


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Based in the United States, this airline features efficient service and in flight features.

  • Expanded leg room
  • Lie flat seats in business class
  • First checked bag free
  • 36 free seat back TV channels, selection of movies for pay
  • Free snacks and soda pop beverages
  • Fee based high speed wifi

Southwest Airlines


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Another airline based in the United States, Southwest Airlines takes a customer first approach to travel.

  • First two checked bags are free
  • 13 free seat back TV channels
  • Onboard wifi – Southwest.com provides a selection of games and shopping for free, fee based web surfing
  • Free pretzels, peanuts, and some Nabisco snacks, free soft drinks
  • Subscribe to email list for special savings offers



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Another customer first airline, WestJet services Canada and parts of the United States.

  • Free seat back TV service on most flights
  • Tablets available for rental
  • Pre purchase in flight food using WestJet.com
  • Create a WestJet ID to collect travel points and receive special offers



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Native to Chile, LAN airways services the western half of South America, including flights to Easter Island.

  • Lie flat seats in business class
  • Free snacks and soda beverages
  • Video on demand service, can rewind and pause entertainment
  • Part of the one world network, so users can purchase flights from other airlines through the LAN website

Aer Lingus


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Another incredibly valuable focused airline, Aer Lingus flies throughout Europe, various places in Canada and the United States, as well as a few locations in the Middle East.

  • High quality meals for purchase
  • Lie flat seats in business class
  • Free seat back TV selections
  • Fee based wifi



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Another European-based airliner, EasyJet flies throughout the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Norway, Germany, and a few Eastern European countries.

  • Expansive fee based onboard menu
  • Live flight updates on EasyJet’s website
  • Low cost flight insurance offers replacement flights when you miss a plane



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Fast jet is an African budget airline with bases in Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, and Angola.

  • Few services are free, as the airline seeks to offer guests the lowest fare possible
  • All beverages and snacks must be paid for
  • Checked baggage fees vary based on size and flight length

Tiger Airways


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Tiger Airways is an excellent low-cost choice that services Southeast Asia, Australia, China, and India from its headquarters in Singapore.

  • Also offers few free services so fares are lower
  • Over 80% of Tiger Airways flights are on time
  • Authentic Singaporean meals available for purchase

Spirit Airlines


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Spirit Airlines is another effective low-cost choice for those looking to fly throughout the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

  • Another airline offering low fares in exchange for few free services
  • Refreshments for purchase
  • Easy to join rewards program that saves fliers up to $75 dollars per ticket

Air India Express


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A popular price conscious airline, Air India Express is an offshoot of Air India and services the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

  • Free checked baggage, depending on the flight destination
  • Free standard meals and refreshments
  • Limited free onboard entertainment
  • Free fare refund or flight rescheduling if you miss your flight

Featured photo credit: Don McCullough via flickr.com