10 Steps Towards Healthy Life

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Ten Steps That You Have To Take Today


How can we achieve a healthy lifestyle? What are the measures that we have to undertake? Here are the 10 basic steps we have to remember in our everyday's life in order to live a healthy and successful life:


0 - hours of television and other gadgets. Do not spend to much of you precious time watching in television and playing games with your gadgets. Always remember, "Time is Gold" lost time will never be found again.


1 - hour of exercise. You have to devote at least one hour to condition and exercise you body a day to maintain physically healthy.


2 - liters of water. You have to drink two twelve glasses or two liters of water everyday for a good digestive system and maintain the fluid intake that our body needs.


3 - cups of hot green tea. You have to take at least three cups of hot green tea every day. This contain some essential mineral that our body needs and also helps in eliminating excess fats.


4 - short mental breaks. We should not only be physically healthy but mentally fit as well. Give yourself at least four hours of mental break, to rest and meditate, release all the worries and anxieties.

5 - small meals. Eating is not based on the quantity but more on the quality of food and beverages that we take in. Our body gets tired of digesting large amount of food. Five small meals would be healthier and the nutrients will be easily used by our body.


6 - AM wake up time. The saying early birds catches the best worms. When we wake up early, we can condition both our body and mind for the things we have to do for the day.


7 - minutes of laughter. They say that laughter is the best medicine and this saying applies for a healthy lifestyle. We can think well and inspired to do things when we are happy. So smile, be positive and laugh. Life is beautiful. Live life happily.


8 - hours of sleep. Our body needs enough rest. Sleep at least eight hours everyday to be able to function and work effectively in the day. This especially applies to children to grow healthy and strong.


9 - PM end of the day and off to bed. According to Science, our body needs to rest at ten o'clock in the evening because at that it will perform its own natural body maintenance, repairs and conditioning. If we are still awake and working that time, we overwork our body which causes different ailments.


10 - Prayer of gratitude. This is the most important of them all. We have to do our divine communication to our creator. We have to pray for all the blessings that we received. We have to pray for more wisdom and strenght to the coming days of our life.

Folks, live a healthy and wealthy and happy life.

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