10 things I have learnt after my making my first film...

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Apologies for the poor grammar, (and trust me when I say I could write a lot more than 10). 




10.  Be passionate about the film you are making! Make sure you love the script and feel confident you can deliver a great piece of work!


9.  When planning a shooting schedule always leave more time than you need for the shots you want.


8.  Prepare for things not to go your way. During my project I was let down the two locations I wanted, despite having already agreed terms with the owners.


7.  (Leading on the previous point)… Never give up! Stressing and over-thinking what could have been is never useful. Dust yourself off and battle on!


6.  Stay professional. If you’re working with actors and a crew don’t let them see you panicking or ill-prepared, if they sense you don’t know what you’re doing then they might not work as hard as they should.


5.  If you are colour blind (like me) don’t attempt to colour grade your footage on your own.


4.  Take a break! Every so often (as long as you plan your time accordingly), there’s nothing wrong with having a little break from your project. Taking a step back might give you the chance to get a fresh perspective on your project?


3.  Never be afraid to ask people to watch your film during the edit stages. Getting feedback from different people might help you look at something from another perspective and find out what works within your film and what doesn’t.


2.  Don’t judge your film against others you have seen. Concentrate on making your film the best it can be, comparing it to others can distract you.


1.  Get your film out there! Whether its festivals or a screening to family and friends, there’s no point putting time and effort into a film if no one is ever going to see it!



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I am currently a second year student at Staffordshire University studying Media (Film) Production and I am thoroughly enjoying my time there. I love the opportunity to pick up new skills and developing them whilst also strengthen old ones. I am enthusiastic about film-making and my dream is to one…

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