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Hello folks! As we all know BitLander’s Global Chat Survey being very interesting. The conversions conducted at global chat survey make us curious to know new concepts along with earning and entertainment. Recently BitLanders introduce the short survey at bit-miles which is few minute short surveys along with bit-miles rewards. As usually when I check my bit-miles account dashboard for conducting survey I find very interesting topic. That topic which really forces me is “Discover 10 Things Require No Talent”. Snooping! I immediately click the survey link but still I was unable to complete this survey Because it’s still not available to conduct I saw “sorry” words after clicking the survey button.

I know that time the most hot topic of blogs are “Gelato” and “Sports and Social Good”. We got lot knowledge about gelato and sports for social good and it’s really appreciable. But now time is to write about something new, interesting and entertaining. Then I immediately decide to write about this interested topic. So friends today I am just going to write on “10 things Need No Talent” topic as per my point of view. So before going through first briefly discuss what Talent is.

Talent is innate and natural ability. It’s a natural skill to do something hard. If you notice sometime people used the words “born with talent” to describe someone natural aptitude. A talented person can do hard task more easily then those who are less talented. That’s talent is a natural inborn ability in the person. Mostly we confused between the word talent and skill.What is skill and how it’s different from talent? The main Difference between the skill and talent are skill is result of our knowledge and efforts while talent is natural gift. 

10 Things Need No Talents

No talent but still possible with your own efforts that type of activities are lot in life. Undoubtedly! Everyone is not very talented as others. Around we can find lot of examples. Talent is natural but fruitful if done on right direction with discipline.

 “Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There’s plenty of movement, but you never know if it’s going to be forward, backwards, or sideways.”– H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

In life there are many things that are possible without talent to make the life easier and successful. Talent helps us but for achieving excellence there is need of lot other efforts which require almost no talent that are

1.     Punctuality

What is punctuality?  It’s the quality of doing things before or on time. It reflects the person personality as being respectable 
with regard to time and people. Time is precious because once lost never comes again. That’s managing your time properly is must and need no talent. Doing everything on time needs punctuality but later on give fruitful results. For being punctual one does not need talent rather punctuality can aid to brighter your quality of life. Someone rightly said:

People use the hours of day differently. But the way you spend your time determines the quality of your life


2.     Willing to learn

Leaning is a type of gaining new knowledge, values, behaviors and skills. The desire to learn something new and creative has no barriers of talent. If you really like to learn something to keep yourself updates with time its good. How talented are you matters but it also matter how much you follow and familiar with the new things around. Learning is like a fueling yourself with new ways to makes the things easy. Learning is essential for both “talented and for less talented”.


If you are not willing to learn no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.

3.     Hard work

Hardwork means putting your all efforts. It’s an ability to do your work with more focus. It’s very old saying that hardwork is the key of success. But you know what’s the exactly meaning of hardwork – Doing Labor Under Correct Direction. Yeah, hardwork has the ability to beat the talent but it’s fruitful if done on right direction. Wasting time and energy on irrelevant things is not hardwork.

Hardwork beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.


4.     Living Healthy Lifestyle

Following the healthy options in life needs no talent. Rather healthy lifestyle will help you make more productive in life. You are daily physical activities and healthy diet will help to develop the more productive thoughts and love to life. Health is wealth. Then it’s time to secure this wealth with healthy options.

Being healthy and fit is not a fad or a trend. Instead it is a lifestyle?


5.     Self control

What is self control? It’s an ability to control one’s emotions and behaviors at certain situations. The ability of self control also denoted as “will power” “Self Discipline”. Will power or Self control is essential in life for taking many major decisions in life. Self control has a great power to redirect you on right path and success.

A person without self control is like a city with broken down walls


6.     Self Confidence

 Self confidence is the belief in one’s abilities and judgments.  How much talented you are matters but if you don’t have self confidence then your talent may go waste. That’s to give your talent the wings of charm you first need to trust in yourself. Because if you have no trust in yourself how can you convey other. To build self confidence the first most important thing is thinking positive. But the self confidence should not be over confidence otherwise it can be great barrier in path of future achievements.

Never underestimates your strength, never over estimate your weakness

7.     Positive Thinking

Now it’s time to say “No negative thoughts think positive”. What is positive thinking? It’s a mental attitude always expecting good even in unfavorable situations also. Positive thinking has a great power to cross out even adverse situations. It’s the great mantra to keep the stress away. And for this amazing positive thinking attitude one needs no talent.

Positive thinking evokes, More energy, More initiative, More happiness

8.     Being Prepared

Life is full with surprises but these may be sour or sweet. That’s it’s very important to get ready for these movements in life and always being ready to accept these. Starting from new is always better mantra to move on life and for this your self faith and confidence work a lot.

To be Prepared is the half the victory

9.     Being Sociable

Social interaction is must to broaden are thoughts and outlook. Being sociable make us more engaging and understandable. Moreover it is the one of the way to stay away depression. Its offer you challenge to deal with various behaviors smartly and friendly which can help enhance your understanding capability.


Don’t wait people to be friendly, show them how

Being sociable and affable brings kindness and friendship

10.    Being Responsible

You should be responsible for your own actions. It’s time to take responsibly of your actions and words because it may effects many lives. So you should always accountable for your results and you must have guts to accept your mistakes and improve it. Next time be care full not to repeat the mistakes and do better for next results.


 Hey folks all above mentioned “Things Need No Talent" discovered by me. I just mentioned these things because without these talent is just limited to inherited boundaries. But above mentioned all activities helps to make it more vibrant and acceptable. All of us born with some talent. Some may have more talent than others. But you know what is the secret the most dedicated person can beat the more talented less dedicated person. That’s to nourish our talent we need cluster of dedicated activities


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