10 unknown shocking facts and reasons behind Reham And IK's divorce

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1.IK's sisters were too upset with their  brother for marrying Reham.

2.Ik went to london to satisfy his  sons but he failed ,on the score   as his sons did not want to come back to Pakistan until Ik divorced their  second mummy Reham.

3.it was Jamima's consipiracy  to make her son closer with IK's love child sita white's daughter to defame Ik's political career and new married life.

Sita White’s Tyrian White new pics with  Salman and Qasim

4.Reham's First husband who wanted to take revenge from Reham so he gave defaming statement related to reham.Like in one interview he said that Reham hated Pakistan and she never wanted to go back to Pakistan.

5.Reham's son Sahir Khan, According to sources IK dont like Sahir as due to his interfering presence in pti confidential meets, also his tweets were disgusting and childish

6.IK's elders sisters were worried because the did not want another heir n property sharer of iks vast  legacy and wealth

7.IK is going to give Reham about 8 crores ,a flat in London and jewelry which costs about 18 crore Pakistani rupess.

8.IK was not happy with Reham's film  making thought and her indulgence in politics.

9.Reham was also offered so many crores from a private group to make a film but this was not acceptable for IK as it would had been a cause of downfall of his already staggering career

10.Do you know when salman and qasim were on their tour of bani gala IK's ordered reham to stay away from Bani Gala as his sons would  unlike their step mother's presence.

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