10 Useful Cooking Tips

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10 Useful Cooking Tips:

    1. When cooking pasta rub the edges of the pot with butter. The water will not boil over and make a mess on your stove.

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 2. When melting chocolate sometimes chocolate will get overdone and thick. To fix it  slowly mix in oil or shortening by spoonfuls till chocolate becomes smooth.

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3. When baking with dried or fresh fruit always coat the fruit lightly in flour. That way it won’t sink to the bottom.

 4. When roasting a chicken brush it with lemon juice before salt. It will make the chicken juicier and skin crispier.

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5. When cooking fish dip it in  milk 30 minutes before to get rid of the fish smell.

6. When cooking  with tougher and cheaper cuts of meat add little bit of vinegar. The vinegar will help to make it tender faster.

7. When adding cream or milk into soup while cooking always mix it with some flour before to prevent curdling.

8. When cooking potatoes with skin on add little bit of vinegar into the water to prevent potato skin cracking.

9. When chopping onions place them into freezer for 15-20 minutes to prevent crying. If you don’t have time just dip the onion into iced cold water.

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10. When cooking legumes do not salt them till after they are done. It will make the cooking time shorter.

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