10 Vegetables You Should Include in Your Diet

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Healthy and nutritious food should be part of your healthy lifestyle at all times. Mixed with any exercise or physical activity, you can lower the risk of different conditions, chronic illnesses, and premature death. It is not only you who should practice it but your family as well, especially your children because fruits and vegetables are crucial in their growth and development. 

10 Vegetables You Should Include in Your Diet

There are many different types of vegetables, but here is the list of the 10 vegetables you should include in your diet

  • Beets

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Beets or Beetroots are one of the most popular vegetables in the cooking industry on the planet. They are rich in essential minerals and vitamins that can promote health and wellness such as improving brain and digestive health, keeping your blood pressure stable, combating inflammation, reducing the risk of cancer, and a whole lot more. You can add beets or beetroots to your dip, juice or salad. 

  • Ginger

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Ginger is considered one of the healthiest vegetables in the whole world. It originated from China and is used in various alternative medicinal treatments. It can help relieve muscle soreness, combat infections, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels in your body, develop brain function and the list goes on. You can include it in your cooking, too. For recipes, you may check different culinary or food-related blogs online. Also, if you can't take eating some ginger for health purposes, you can get ginger or turmeric tablets at your favorite drugstore. 

  • Garlic

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Garlic is almost part of any dish that you make at home, so for sure that you are familiar with it. But did you know that garlic is packed with health benefits, too? Yes, you heard it right. Garlic, which has an active component called allicin, can aid in reducing blood pressure, lowering cholesterol levels that can lead to heart disease if left untreated and preventing Alzheimer's disease among others. 

  • Kale

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Adding kale, which is a member of the cabbage family, to your diet will make a positive change in your life because kale is considered a power food by medical experts. It is packed with essentials vitamins and minerals like fiber, folate, lutein, vitamin a, c, and k, and protein that help fight different conditions and diseases such as blood clotting, cancer, eye degeneration, heart disease, etc. Using kale, you can make healthy and yummy dishes such as kale caesar salad or with apple cider vinegar and kale chips. 

  • Squash

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Squash is rich in nutrients, minerals, and vitamins and other components such as calcium, iron, and folate that help in boosting your immune system, fighting inflammation and infection, managing diabetes, promoting a healthy digestive system and supporting bone, colon and eye health. It is beneficial to your hair and skin, too. However, if you are suffering from hypotension you should avoid eating it as it can drastically lower your blood pressure levels. 


Nutrition doesn't have to be complicated. It goes back to the lessons you learned as a kid. Start with a real breakfast; don't ever skip that. If you're waking up early for a run, make sure you drink at least a glass of water and put somehing healthy into your stomach before you go out the door. 

Summer Sanders

  • Broccoli

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Another vegetable that is rich in antioxidant properties, fiber, minerals, and vitamins is called Broccoli.  It can be eaten cooked or raw, depends on your preference. It can aid in controlling blood sugar levels, fighting the risk of certain types of cancer, lowering inflammation, reducing constipation problems, slowing the aging process, supporting bone and dental health, etc. 

  • Red bell pepper

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Red bell peppers are a great addition to any food that you make right at the comforts of your own home. It can perk up any ordinary dish in an instant. Moreover, it is low in calories so you can eat as much as you want without any worries of gaining weight. It is rich in vitamin c, almost more than 200 percent of your vitamin c intake every day. It can help in preventing anemia and certain types of cancer, losing weight, etc. 

  • Spinach

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Just like kale, spinach is considered as a superfood. It is rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are helpful in keeping your mind and body healthy. It can help in improving blood glucose or insulin sensitivity of people who are suffering from diabetes, preventing constipation and the risk of different types of cancer, boosting bone health and a whole lot more. It can be consumed cooked or raw. Since spinach is high in potassium, people with kidney diseases should not eat it.

  • Asparagus

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Consuming asparagus is a perfect idea if you want to boost your mood, lose weight, make your urinary tract healthy, and a lot more. And just like any other vegetables out there, asparagus is full of antioxidant properties that can help in fighting certain types of cancer. 

  • Arugula

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Arugula is part of the same family as broccoli and kale. It has high nitrate content which is helpful for people who are suffering from hypertension. Moreover, it helps in reducing the risk of colon and lung cancer, improving bone health, increasing insulin sensitivity, etc. You can add arugula to your favorite food such as egg, pizza, salad or sandwich. 

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Final Thoughts

To live a happy and fulfilling life, you should keep yourself fit and healthy at all times, by eating the right kinds of food such as fruits and vegetables.  It can help you live a longer life, most especially when combined with an active lifestyle. 

Eat healthy, guys! Thank you for reading. Blessings!

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