10 Words That Will Get You a Job Right Now

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With the job market getting tougher and tougher, jobseekers need to go the extra mile and be as thorough as possible regarding their job search. This includes pinpointing details that seem meaningless but have an important role to play in getting you a job.

Each word you choose to use in your resume, for example, can carry its own meaning and can have a great impact on your success – if used effectively. Such words are regarded as must-haves for every professional who wants to convince employers they have what it takes.

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If you include the following words in your resume and use them during your next job interview, it’s guaranteed that your chances of getting the job will be greatly increased. Check them out:

1. Commitment

Employers will only hire people who can show their dedication to the company so they love words that can express that and ‘commitment’ is one of them. When used on your resume it demonstrates your passion and willingness to work towards the business goals. On the job interview, explain how committed were you at your last job and how this helped the company meet their targets.

2. Managed

Not many would agree that ‘managed’ is a helpful word to use on a resume but I would say it is. Job descriptions usually say they are looking for someone who can ‘manage time effectively’ setting priorities and meeting deadlines. Therefore, this is perhaps the only skill that remains relevant throughout the spectrum of jobs and it’s desired by employers universally.

3. Achieved

This word indicates that you’ve done something well. It shows that your efforts have had a major impact on the company’s performance, and it’s used to promote positive language when used in your resume and as part of the job interview.

4. Negotiated

The word ‘negotiated’ highlights your negotiation skills and your ability to work as part of a team. When more than two people are working together, it is only natural there will be opposing views on a subject. Thus, being able to talk with others effectively and resolve conflicts is a pretty big deal.

5. Ideas

Who doesn’t need creative people working for them? The word ‘ideas’ refers to creativity. People who can brainstorm and come up with unique ideas quick are needed in any work environment and especially in business where innovation is the key to success. 

6. Flexible

Being able to show flexibility is extremely useful in fast-paced environments. It essentially demonstrates your ability to adapt to any given situation, to stay relevant and change if need be so that you can keep yourself up to date. 

7. Profits

Big companies want to get their hands on the big money. This means that words such as revenue and profits are more likely to get their attention. Whenever you refer to profits, make sure that you also get down to specifics with an actual number so that you are more convincing about the impact you’ve made.

8. Volunteered

Anything that involves volunteering adds value to your resume and personal profile. It shows that you are an individual who’s not afraid to try something new and embraces out of the box thinking. Also, it shows that you are willing to give help without expecting a reward and that you probably care about the company you work for.

9. Results

Nothing impresses employers more than this word. When you are talking about results, it means that as an employee you get the job done and that you are resourceful and ambitious. You are not only doing what you are told, but you are also capable of producing results that are valuable to the company.

10. Solutions

Apart from generating great ideas, employers want to see solutions. This means that they want to see how you implemented these ideas in practice and how they helped the company to develop. It essentially suggests that you are an excellent problem solver who can resolve issues on the spot.

While these words are powerful enough to help you make a great first impression, they cannot give out the message you intend unless used appropriately. When preparing for your next job interview, try to infuse these words into your introductory speech and interview answers to appear more sophisticated and professional.

With only ten seconds available for every resume they get, employers are scanning the documents for keywords to find the kind of information they need. Thus, you should carefully consider what kind of words you are using to ensure that it catches their attention.


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