100 day challenge to walk 20000 steps – The first week

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My 100 day challenge to walk 20000 steps started on 8 February 2014.


It was a tough first week.


I am glad that I have successfully completed the first week.


The result as follows:


Date                      Day        Steps

8-Feb-14              Sat          32394

9-Feb-14              Sun        20615

10-Feb-14            Mon      20753

11-Feb-14            Tue        17981

12-Feb-14            Wed      14394

13-Feb-14            Thu        15089

14-Feb-14            Fri           20990


The average number of steps is 20316.


If you think that walking 20000 steps a day is easy, you can do a simple computation.


A person walks 100 steps in a minute on average.  That means you have to walk 200 minutes to get 20000 steps.


200 minutes means a total of 3 hours and 20 minutes.


That is a lot of walking.  I have to plan, and push myself out of the house.


The weekdays are tough because there is a limit to the number of steps walked in the office.  I have to take long way deliberately or think of ways just to add a few more steps in an hour.

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