11 Signs That He Is Mr Right for YOU!

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Ladies, it’s true – we spend our whole life looking for that great guy who stands out from all the others. And while every woman has a different idea of The One, there are a few solid signals that tell you that he’s a keeper. He may not be Mr Perfect, but these are the signs that he is Mr Right for YOU! Hold on to him tight and don’t let go. :)

1. He likes you better with no makeup on and thinks you look at your most beautiful in your ratty track pants, glasses and messy bun.

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2. He takes a genuine interest in your life. How your day was, what your bestie is going through and all your hopes and dreams – he’s happy to be part of it all.

3. He remembers tiny details about you, like how you have to eat caramel popcorn during every movie or secretly enjoy watching a saas-bahu serial or two. He can remember pretty much every tiny thing about yourself that you’ve ever told him.

4. You can always rely on him to never cancel plans and be sure that he will stay on the phone with you while you vent after a bad day.

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5. He gives you space. You love spending time together and being constantly in touch, but he understands the importance of me-time, and also lets you spend time with your girl pals in peace.

6. He’s doesn’t leave you confused, play mind games or blow hot and cold. He is clear and direct in his behaviour, and you know exactly where you stand with him.

7. He doesn’t believe in keeping secrets and is honest, even if it is to tell you that his ex texted him.

8. He makes you laugh! You always have a good time together, and he has a knack of keeping you in splits, even if others don’t get the joke. :)

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9. He trusts you. Insecurities and doubt often go hand-in-hand with love, but he trusts you enough to not be crazily jealous and possessive, and he helps you trust him too.

10. He doesn’t try to control you. After the initial honeymoon period of any relationship, there are often guys who show subtle signs of trying to control your behaviour, from what you should or shouldn’t wear to whom you should or shouldn’t talk to. Your man is confident enough to not do these things, and likes you as you are.

11. He makes you feel treasured, loved and secure. He doesn’t shy away from showing you how much he loves you and he lets you know just how important a priority you are in his life.

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