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All of you/us Facebook Addicts now have purpose in your/our lives. We now must live up to the expectations that Wall Street has attributed to our presence on Facebook. According to Facebook's IPO valuation of around $105 Billion, each Facebook account would have a price of around $110. (Quick math approximation: $105 Billion divided by the 902 million Facebook users). Advertising appears as at least the initial and most likely manner your/our presence on Facebook will be monetized. Presumably that means on the average we will have to buy enough products to justify advertisements and "likes" well in excess of that $110 directed at each one of us.

Perhaps issuing a Facebook share, along with sale of billions to investors, may have encouraged a rejuvination of loyalty and sense of "community." There was much speculation that Mark Zuckerberg would favor Facebook users by providing priority or some other more favorable terms in the IPO. Alas, the "community" has turned out to be much more of a customer base. Ironically, in the end that may prove to be the main reason why Facebook might not live up to its lofty expectations. For all who may have believed that Facebook was more "community" than commercial venture, the IPO may signal search for the next social media utopia. Most on Wall Street are now trying to figure out how Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg and Facebook management will gain new customers and get old ones back like General Motors to validate the valuation. But then it is worth to recall that the Information Technology/Social Media revolution is not just designed in Silicon Valley by the brightest tech minds  - it is the "community" that ultimately determines the winners and survivors.


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