11th Redemption

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Reached another redemption point tonight! I am glad that after two days from the time that I had last redeemed, I am again redeeming here in bitlanders. I thought I could receive the one I redeemed two days back but it looks like I will instead be receiving it tomorrow perhaps, I do hope so.

Now I thought of checking my history of payments and so I came to my orders section and found this:

Alright, so three orders are pending at this point, one is for the latest redemption and two are from two days ago, one for the redemption worth 0.050 Bitcoin and one for the donation I had made.

I am hopeful that I will be receiving all of them by tomorrow. Just a wishful thinking. I also hope I can get enough buzz points tomorrow so that I ca receive a bigger amount of bonus earnings.

Thank you bitlanders for this! More power!

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