12 Study Tips to Improve your Memory and Remember things for longer

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Among many issues students face during study and exam preparation, one is of short term memory. This means that whatever they study is lost in a short time. The best method to overcome this issue is by improving your memory. Here is how:

  1. Walk/Exercise Before An Exam: A study has shown that about 20 minutes exercise before a test can improve your memory and performance. Give it a try
  2. Study by speaking out loud: You can easily remember something if you speak it loud instead of simply reading it again and again.
  3. Include short milestones: Set up short targets while studying and reward yourself on accomplishment of these targets such as a break, a chocolate or a game.
  4. Teach others: This is a great method for revision. Teach your younger siblings or your friends what you have read.
  5. Connect Ideas: make a connection of the ideas and things in your mind. Whatever you study must go as a connection to this big tree. Create a mindmap of the things.
  6. Learn with Diagram: Pictures are the best way to represent a situation or a process. If you can't understand something by reading it, try picturing it or make a diagram.
  7. Online Study: Online study is a nice way to keep your study interesting. You can go for eBooks, practice tests, video tutorials, questions-answer sites, education forums and other resources.
  8. Learn by Documentary: A Documentary is a short story or video film made on a particular topic. If you can find a documentary for your particular topic, this would be the easiest way to study.
  9. Use Google: Google is your best source of knowledge if you know how to use it. You can search for videos, pdf files, text books, documentaries and many more study resources on Google.
  10. Flashcards: Flashcards have been proven a very effective and quick way of learning. You can make flashcards of definitions, quotes, key concepts and formulas and use them whenever wherever you want for a quick revision.
  11. Avoid disturbing elements: Avoid your mobile phone, food or any other disturbing element while studying. If you are comfortable listening to music while studying, you can do it sometimes but not always.
  12. Practice a lot: Practice is the most important thing. If you practice a particular topic 3 times, you are likely to remember it for years. Go for online test and practice mock tests for better practice.

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