12 Tasty And Fun Candy Facts

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Everyboy loves candy so i put together 12 amazing facts about candy:

1. The cotton candy machine was co-invented by a dentist.

2. The average German eats 2 times the amount of chocolate than an average american citizen 

3. Most Americans consume 3 billion pounds of chocolate per year.

4. 40% of all almonds harvested in the USA are used by chocolate manufactures.

5. If the amount of candy corn produced each was laid end to end its would wrap the earth 4.25 times.

6. It takes aproximately 364 licks to get though a lolly pop which was determied by a 'licking machine' invented by students at Purdue University.

7. During WWII soldiers were rationed Tootsie Rolls as they could withstand bad weather.

8. The Baby Ruth Bar wasn't named after the baseball player but after president Grover Cleveland's daughter .

9. Origanally the 3 Musketeers Bar contained 3 flavours in 1 bar (Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry) but it changed due to war time restrictions and high prices.

10. The Snickers Bar was named after the Mars family's Favourite Horse.

11. On average America purchase 600 Million pounds of candy every Halloween. Thats the weight of over 5 Titanic ships.

12. Most Americans Eats 3.4 pounds of candy during Halloween.

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