12 Things I am Grateful For in 2017

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12 Things I am Grateful For in 2017 Plus Lessons Learned


Image Credit: Original work by @Artbytes for Bitlanders

Happy New Year! 2017 is gone and 2018 is here. Before I could make my goals effectively 2018, I believe, it is best to look back at the previous year, first. Reflecting in the past and be grateful of the good things that came and the learn the lessons from the bad.

Here are the 12 things that I am most grateful of for 2017


"... Be grateful of the simple things" - Miranda Kerr

Image Credits: Original photo from Pixabay.com. Edited by @Artbytes using PicsArt app. 

1. My Second Son is Born

Isaiah Mari was born-On September 1, 2017.   My wife delivered our son a few days ahead of the schedule. She was already scheduled to deliver through Cesarean Section on the 5th of September, but our son can't wait that long and kept on knocking in her mother's womb. It's more like he kept on kicking and pushing as he wants to get out of the womb.

My second son's first day. 

Credits: @Artbytes via Bitlanders

2. One Big Project

Early 2017, I got a big project. There were some conditions that I did not like on that project but I went for it anyway.  Aside from the big income that I got from that projects, I have learned several important lessons as well. Admittedly I had some problems with that project. Nevertheless, it was technically completed, except for some paper works.

3. My less than $100.00 Tablet.

This year, I bought via online a 10.1 inch tablet for less than a hundred dollars. Yes, it is cheap and it is a lesser known brand. However, it runs on a 1.3 GHz Quad Processor with 2 GB RAM and 32 GB Internal memory (partitioned with 3 GB used as system memory and the rest as virtual SD Memory).


My Less than $100.00 Workstations. 

Credits: @Artbytes Via Bitlanders

For its low price, it performs very well even when I do graphic designs. Yes, I use it to draw with Autodesk's Sketchbook and Medibang Paint. I also use it to create web graphic designs and even invitation cards. I even use it to create and redesign my WordPress site (jrlcentral.xyz). Needless to say, I am using it to write my blogs, including this one.

It was not part of my Gadget Wish List for 2017 but I am happy I got it.

4. Part-time teaching Job

Last summer, I received an offer to teach part-time on a private school. I used to teach full-time in this school. This time I'm offered to teach ICT to senior high. With only 8 hours a week, the salary, though relatively small, is good enough while I still don't have a good income from my online gigs and blogs.

5. I am now a licensed Financial Adviser.

Early this year, I joined an Insurance company and took the exam to become a licensed Financial Adviser. This is different from the traditional life insurance agent. Being a Financial Adviser, we learn and teach how to handle personal finance and how to invest your money effectively.


Image credits:  by Stevepb via Pixabay.com

6. Earning from several sites.

I used to earn from a social blogging site Redgage. In Redgage, earned between $50.00 t0 $100.00 a month. But when they stopped paying I kept looking for other sites that pays their members for their contents and activities. I found and joined several sites but the earnings are quite slow.

Perhaps, one of the highest earning sites that I have joined is Bitlanders. I admit though that the biggest daily earning I got so far is $0.36 in a day. But I have joined only about 70 days ago, and this is just my 5th blog post. I believe in the next couple of weeks, I could start earning at least $1.00 a day and in a month or two, probably $3.00 a day. That is working on this site for only about 20 minutes a day. Well that may depend on my Internet speed. And perhaps two to five hours writing a blog post.


My Earning on the 1st Day of 2018

Credits: @Artbytes Via Bitlanders

7. I revived my personal website

For over a year, I have left my personal site JRL CENTRAL, un-updated. This year I revived my site, modified it. In doing it, I learned and explored more about WordPress. Designing and developing WordPress site is one of the services I offer both online and offline.

Aside from my personal website, I am also working on another website project. Originally, the owner wanted a simple online brochure for footwear products. However, I showed to the client that I can easily turn it into an online shop.  He agreed to my proposal.

9. I started investing in Bitcoin.



Image Credits: by QuinceMedia Via pixabay.com 

When the Bitcoin price dropped in the middle of December, I took it as a chance to invest in it. Experts said that the price will go down further. My mistake is I ignored that prediction. . I did not wait. However, since I have invested in Bitcoin already, I started to understand it more.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system. It is the first decentralized digital currency, as the system works without a central bank or single administrator. The network is peer-to-peer and transactions take place between users directly, without an intermediary.

-source: Wikipedia

10. I joined a site where I can earn cryptocurrency.

Before I invested in Bitcoin out of my own money, I was looking for ways to earn it. Then I found a site where you can trade your earnings into different cryptocurrency. In my first week, I have earned more than $20.00 worth of cryptocurrency. Thanks to @adgoggleko for mentioning that site to me.  I know that some Bitlanders are also there.   


Earning cryptocurrency  Online (without mining) 

Image credits: by 3dman_eu via pixabay.com 

11. I found new online friends from different social media platforms.

Joining in different social media platforms have more benefits than just earning money. I reconnected with some online friends from other platforms, and found new friends as well. That includes some members of Bitlanders. Chatting with these online friends gives  me additional insights when it comes to earning online. Also, their own success becomes a motivating factor for me. 


 Make new friends, blog and earn at Bitlanders

Image Credit: By @Artbytes for Bitlanders

12. We started our own Aikido club.

Last but not least, we started our own Aikido dojo. For those who don't know, I practice Aikido. Since last year, we gathered a small group of friends who wanted to learn the art. In early 2017, we started our own club. Last summer we completed a 5 week program for kids.


Yours truly, with the Aikido Kids

Credits: by @Artbytes

Although we had some problems with the schedule of our practitioners lately. Another good news for us, is we are now affiliated with a national organization.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to these Bitlanders:

  1. @Sharon-Lopez - who mentioned Bitlanders in BMF. 
  2. @Adgoggleko  - The one mentoring me, not only here but also on other site. 
  3. @Jean-Beltran  - The top notch Bitlander and great supporter to many of Bitlanders. Probably, she also inspires the other Bitlanders by her figure. I mean her earnings. 

And also to all other Bitlanders who constantly buzz my works and leave a sticker comment on each post. I will always try to return the favor.  


Say Thank You

Video Credits: by Fearless Soul Via   Youtube

Lessons Learned

A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.

-John C. Maxwell
Source: https://www.brainyquote.com/

Not everything was a success. There are some areas where I failed or could have done better. These are the lessons that I have learned and what I need to improve:

  1. Always start and end the day with gratitude. In the past two months or so, I made it a point to start my day with gratitude.  But I don't do it before I call it a night.
  2. Be more organized - My biggest problem so far. I'm not good in time-management and organization. I am getting there though.  With a pen and notebook plus with an app, I try to write down my daily goals everyday.
  3. Don't be lured with a large sum of money.  There are probable projects where I could earn lots of money. However, without the right team, I learned that I cannot give the support needed after the installation.
  4. Focus on site where you can earn more. I have joined a number of sites and forums where I could possibly earn. The problem was I could not manage my time well enough to earn much from each site. Thus, I will focus on sites where I can earn more with less time.
  5. Socialise more on Social Media. Perhaps, my biggest mistake in using the social media, is I don't really socialise with other members. I just keep on posting links to my blog, to the point I'm flooding them.
  6. Be more confident in myself -  This is what I need to develop more. My lack of self-confidence makes me over think and slow in making decisions.


Final Thoughts

These are still many things that I am grateful for, but these are the top 12.  Plus the lessons that I have learned. 2017 was a fruitful year for me. In 2018, I will make it more productive. I will set my goals and plans to reach those goals.

Thank you for reading. Next, watch out for 'My Goals for 2018".

Let me leave you by saying...

Have a Prosperous New Year, Bitlanders!


Image Credit: Original work by @Artbytes Via Bitlanders

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