14 Dazzling Images Of Lahore At Night

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Karachi has always been known as the city of lights in Pakistan but Lahore might give it a run for its name. As the city of Lahore grows into a bigger metropolitan, it’s beauty at night is growing with such tremendous views that will leave you breathless.

It’s time to take a look at Lahore under the stars and see how it shines.

Take a look at the dazzling view of Lahore at night through these pictures, and decide for yourself if it has a chance to take on Karachi:

1. Racecourse Park in Shadman – come and see the twinkling fairy tale landscape during the spring festival

race course

2. The ever so exquisite Badshahi Mosque lit up at night – magnificent


3. Come and witness the beauty of Azadi Chowk in Lahore – utterly stunning

azadi chowk

4. Punjab Assembly hall lit up in lights – looks more like a marriage hall – but beautiful none the less


5. The Metro Bus flying by on an overpass in Lahore – doesn’t even look like Lahore more like some foreign country


6. A timepiece that is a remnant from yester-years. The clock tower in Lahore near Jail Road.

clock tower

7. A stunning view of Data Darbaar at night.

data darbaar

8. Feed your stomach and your eyes with amazing food and amazing lighting – glorious New Food Street

food street

9. Electrifying view of Kalma Chowk

kalma chowk

10. Could you ever believe that a General Post Office could look so amazing at night?

gpo of lahore

11. Enjoy shopping along with the lights at Liberty.


12. An amazing aerial view of Ferozpur road… wow!

feropur road

13. Canal and its artistic beauty


14. Minar E Pakistan – it stood as a beacon of hope in 1947

minar e pakistan

Isn’t Lahore sensational at night?

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