14th highest building NAME :Guangzhou International Finance Center

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  • The Guangzhou International Finance Center (GZIFC) is built along the central axis of the Pearl River New City CBD. With a height of 432m, providing a total floor area of over 450,000 square meters, GZIFC is among the ten tallest skyscrapers in the world. This is well in line with Guangzhou's economic development. As the highest mega tower and the largest international business complex in Guangzhou as well as in South China, GZIFC will become the new business landmark of Guangzhou, by offering strong brand power, integrated planning function, superior product quality, concentration of high-end clients, and superlative service system.

  • GZIFC features six major leading advantages: international landmark, central location, high-end positioning, security and reliability, green and comfort, and sole property ownership. With its outstanding height and functional portfolios, GZIFC will become a landmark with the greatest enchantment and business energy, injecting a new power to Guangzhou’s economic growth.

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