16 people were killed while watching 4Minute

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Ventilation grate casualties


Authorities claimed at least 16 people were killed and 11 others injured by the collapse of the ventilation grate at a concert in southern Seoul, South Korea, Friday (17/10).

As reported by Yonhap News Agency and ABC News, an accident in Pangyo Techno Valley, Seongnam, Gyeonggi province occurred at around 17:53 local time. At that time, about 700 people were watching the concert organized by business news site edaily. The victims fell from a height of 10 meters above the bars allegedly ventilation to be able to see the appearance of 4minute and other South Korean musicians more clearly.

A firefighter stated that "12 people died on the spot, two others died while being taken to hospital, and the rest died while receiving medical care." Most of the deaths were of men aged 30-40 years, while the other five were women aged about 20-30 years. Both victims died or wounded most of the commuters who stopped to watch the concert after work.

Meanwhile, a man who is an employee Gyeonggi Institute of Science and Technology Promotion and engaging as a concert organizer found dead of suicide on Saturday (18/10) at 07:00 local time. On Friday, he was questioned by police about the incident that occurred. Superintendent Park Jeong-ju declares that the man allegedly jumped from the 10th floor.

Accidents in Seongnam also helped add a bad record for South Korean security-related issues. In April, the sinking of the ferry Sewol due to excess cargo has claimed more than 300 lives. Observers stated that most of the security problems in South Korea due to a lack of regulations, a light punishment, indifference, and also the trend regarding economic orientation.

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