16 Things Pakistan Does Better Than America

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Pakistan – home to tremendously beautiful people, astonishing scenic splendor, and countless natural and man-made blessings. However, knowingly or unknowingly, we sometimes take these blessings for granted, a fact that people living abroad would testify to.
From a wide range of Pakistani delicacies, to a host of cultural happenings, here are a few things that Pakistan does better than the US.
1. Pakistani Mangoes
Obviously, we’re crazy about mangoes here at MangoBaaz. If you’ve ever had a mango in the US, you know it’s not sweet. Most of the so-called sweet mangoes in America are imported from Mexico or South America. Now, if you’ve had a Pakistani mango, you know it’s sweetest, most juiciest thing on this planet. So, if you’re reading this, do yourself a favor and go get a Pakistani mango – then stuff your face with it.
2. Lassi
There are fewer things better in this world than a gigantic glass of Lassi, topped off with a slice of malaai!
3. Tandoori Naan
Ever imagin what the world would be like if we had no chocolate? Hard to imagine, right? That is pretty much exactly how Pakistani feel about the Tandoori Naan! Naan with Nihari, Paaey, Karahi, and Chicken Tikkas are culinary matches made in Heaven!
4. Evening Snacks – Samosay, Jalebi
A week usually feels incomplete without having the specially-made evening snacks that comprise of Aaloo or Qeemay ke Samosay, and swirly pieces of ultimate sweetness, Jalebi!
5. Gannay ka Juice
Along with Lassi, Gannay ka Juice is another favorite beverage of Pakistanis. Served extremely cold with a tinge of lemon juice, the 100% natural beverage beats every soft drink there is!
6. Falooda
The Special Falooda is a complete, delightful meal served in a massive glass! Usually includes two gigantic scoops of ice cream, milk, dry fruits, fresh fruits, fruit jelly, and silky vermicelli.
7. Eid Celebrations
Arguably the thing Pakistanis miss most, when they move abroad, is the feeling of love and excitement that an Eid day brings – Seviyan (sweet noodles) in the monring, Eid prayers with the family, wholesome dinners, the smell of colorful new clothes, the joy of family gatherings, and Eidi!
8. Everything at low-price
With cheap yet extremely gifted labor, Pakistan has a variety of brilliant yet low-priced products, which include clothing, cooking utensils, shoes, and just about everything else!

9. Energy Conservation Techniques a.k.a. Load Shedding
Well, the entire world celebrates Earth Day once every year. Pakistanis celebrate Earth Day once every few hours! That is how we save energy. America, please take note!
10. Half-Day Fridays
During school, Fridays were the best. Why? The fact that they were half-days!
11. Chai
The fact that the US does not have places that serve the Pakistani-take on tea, is probably one of America’s biggest losses! Couple that up with crispy parathas, and you have a piece of Heaven right in front of you!
12. Weddings
With a celebration that lasts a week, it’s hard to compete against Pakistani weddings. The different dresses, the different events, all the music, all the food and of course all the drama.

13. Pakola
Pakola is an institution in Pakistan that is unmatched by any other carbonated beverage in the world. Americans who have tried Pakola themselves can attest to its superiority over all other soda drinks.
14. The Pakistani Naai
Hair dressers and hair stylists, these Pakistani barbers provide you with brilliant hair care and often chip in with useful life advice. Their special head massages after every haircut are out of this world! Oh and they’ll offer you a cup of tea as well.
15. Music
And not just what you hear on Coke Studio. Pakistan has a rich history of music that has inspired artists around the world. Our music not only sounds good, but our lyrics carry meaning to them. Unlike America where the likes of Nikki Minaj and Justin Bieber don’t know how to write a meaningful song.
16. The Muslim Shower
The list could not have been complete without this masterpiece of a human creation! Muslim shower a.k.a. Arabian Shower a.k.a. Life Saver! Need I say more?


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