1st Chapter of Holy Quran

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Surah 1 – Al-Fatihah – The Opening

Author's note: The first Surah of the Qur’an is a prayer that the Almighty has taught us to seek His Guidance. It has been termed as the “Key” to the Book of Allah and in fact, that meaning is carried in the title “Al-Fatihah”. Allah, in His infinite Mercy, instantly responds in the next Surah, “Here is the Book of Guidance” that you asked for. The author cannot think of a prayer that could be accepted quicker than this!

The respected reader will note that I have explained the verses in the first few Surahs of the Qur’an in a little more detail. A good use of the Big Picture of the Qur’an has been made in this respect but not without providing due references of other verses (tasreef), and consciously remaining within the Big Picture. This has been done in order to give the reader a “feel” of the Book of Allah in the very beginning and help him bear in mind the basic Divine Principles of the Book and the Universal Laws. This process will enable the reader to look at the Book in the Big Picture and better understand the entire rendition. A very conscious effort has been made not to trespass the exact meanings of the verses in this endeavor.

I seek refuge with Allah against my Selfish Desire. (Satan = Selfish or rebellious desire = Evil impulses from within or from without = Desire that overcomes the higher controls of judgment).

With the Glorious Name of Allah, the Instant and Sustaining Source of all Mercy and Kindness.

1:1 All Praise is due to Allah, the Sustainer of the Worlds. (The marvels and the profound harmony in the Universe are the living witness that its Creator, Sustainer is truly worthy of all Praise).

1:2 He is the Instant and Sustaining Source of all Mercy and Kindness (as He showers His Bounties on all creation indiscriminately and without return).

1:3 He is the Absolute Owner of the Day when all creation shall have completed their journey of existence, evolution and action to the Ultimate Just outcome. And He is the Supreme Law-Giver to humans to enable them to live by the System of Life that He has ordained. People will be ultimately judged according to how well they tried to live by His Laws.

1:4 (Realizing these facts), we affirm to obey Your Commands only and ask You to help us as we do that.

1:5 Guide us to the Straight Path (by providing us with faculties that listen more than hear, observe more than see and analyze more than process).

1:6 This has always been the Way of those whom You rewarded.

1:7 And not the path of those who had to face Your Requital (for blind following and arrogance), and not the path of those who faltered and deviated from the Straight Path.

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