1st Published Book: The Day it Rained Caterpillars - by, Cobalt Foxx

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The Day it Rained Caterpillars

by, Cobalt Foxx

E-book: $1.00 (FREE with Softback)

Softback: $7.99


The people of Iceland lived by a simple quote, "Never forget the action of Iceland, or repeat the fate of Greenland." People of Iceland forgot the fate of Greenland. Hate and bullies became a part of the normal.
The Day it Rained Caterpillars is a fiction story for people of all ages about the dangers of being a bully, with a soul full of hate, and the amazing, mystical power of art, music and love.

Author Comments:

I LOVE this story! I only publish books I write if I love reading the book, so I guess I always say that I love my stories. The Day it Rained Caterpillars is a special story to me for numerous memorable reasons. This is the first young adult book I wrote, and being able to see this story clearly within my mind made my life better. After writing this book, I saw a new glow from life. I clearly saw a distinct connection between humans, animals and nature. Writing this book made me a better person. Numerous readers of this book told me the book has a clear message about the dangers of being a bully. I wasn’t writing a book about bullies. I was reading every Dr. Seuss book, something I do twice a year, and I wanted to write a book about love and music saving nature. I wanted to show how people are prone to destroy nature for personal gains, but in areas that may seem completely remote the people that practice a perfect balance between humans and nature enjoy immeasurable benefits with peace and prosperity. I agree with the people that said the book does seem to be about bullies, but that is one of the many joys about writing – stories grow into a life of their own. My favorite parts are when everyone pours into town singing and playing instruments, and the rainbow at the end. 

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