1st time I got paid with a check as a freelance graphic designer!

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Wow I just can't believe it. I actually got paid with a check today and I am still reeling from the novelty. It's not a big amount though but I'm still feeling weird because of it. I mean it's so adult of them and me to actually get into a business deal. Hahaha~


I'm certainly not used to this at all! Back in 2007 to 2009 I used to do freelance graphic designs but I don't have my clients sign any contracts or anything. Maybe because they are just individuals and  not businesses. On second thought, I did some design for small businesses and we just verbally agreed on it or it was just thru an online agreement. Payment was mostly made in cash or sometimes thru Paypal but never in check! 

Is this a level up moment or what? Hahaha~ Lord help me make it through this freelancing career. God is so good to me today. I feel so blessed even though this life I am to living now is more challenging than I am used to. Definitely I am learning to trust in the divine even more.

From a progressive negative mindset that began in high school until I started working, I have been slowly progressing to a positive money mindset. The internet is such an awesome, helpful and wonderful place to do just that and change for the better. 

Anyway, I'll surely relish this experience because I also have a minor issue with encashing the check. Hopefully I can encash it by Monday! Oh yeah! It can tide me through maybe until I make that first Manulife insurance sale or another "business deal" I am negotiating with my SkinTatz. 

How about you guys how's your weekend so far?

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