2. In the Name of Wasabi!

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According to WordWeb, "Wasabi is a Japanese condiment that comes from the thick green root of the wasabi plant that the Japanese use in cooking and tastes like strong horseradish. It is in powder and in paste form and is often eaten with raw fish."

My brother and I went to Tokyo Tokyo, a Japanese restaurant in the Philippines, to have lunch. We ordered several types of food on their menu and one of it was sushi with wasabi on top. My brother already encountered wasabi, so he told me precautions about the said condiment. He said "take it with soy sauce". I took a look at it and was analyzing where this food came from. It looks so weird, it is green, and looks like a mixed eggs of a frog (lol). I don't even know it is a condiment and i don't know it is from a plant at that time.

I didn't took seriously what my brother had told me and eventually I forgot what he said. I was very satisfied with our food and enjoyed eating them except at the time when I ate the green evil wasabi. I ate a PURE WASABI. I even took a generous amount of it. :'(

As I tasted it, OMG I cannot understand what it taste like. Its physical appearance says it all! It taste so weird, terribly weird like a bleach (you will really think that it is made from bleach lol) and spicy but not the same as the chili and the worse is, it doesn't come off easily. I even drank the whole glass of Red Tea (by the way, the tea tasted great) just to neutralize the flavor but it was not effective.

I suffered the whole lunch time because of it. I tried to eat the sushi but every flavour of the food was overpowered with wasabi taste. It felt like my lunch was ruined. And I thought "who likes this food?"

I think that it was wrong of me to eat it raw and maybe it will taste better if it was mixed with soy sauce.

Regardless, I still told myself to get rid of wasabi forever.

(But if wasabi was like Shrek, green but gentle, perhaps I will be a fan.)


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