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It’s always good to put your life on pause for a second and sit and reflect about what is going on around you. This year has gone so fast, Months flew by as I flew to many different countries to do the thing I love. Every week I was preparing for a new competition.

I find that it's important to spend time by yourself. To sit and think how you can improve the quality of your life. It is not always about the BIG things, like making money or success. But I like to focus the little things, like my relationships, my small goals, the little things. What can I do to motivate and help others around me?

I end 2013 with no regrets. I am satisfied with how the year has gone, and I am anxious to start the 2014 season. I have put 200% of my everything into my sport. I find that with more success- there comes more pressure and expectations. Others are confident in your abilities and you need to match that. My coach often tells me "Don't Hope it will Happen- Make it Happen" And I tend to repeat that in my head many times before I go out and compete.

Believing in yourself opens up your entire world, you never really realize how many opportunities you really have if you never take a risk. Life is really what you make it.

2013 taught me how to be positive. If you think and believe in a positive way- it changes your mind set and it also has a good effect on the people around you. 2013 proved to me that consistency and hard work is the real key to success. There is no magic formula that will help you win

I show up to the dojo everyday- with a goal in mind- and that is to be the best version of myself. I want to be the best judoka and the best Me.

2013 taught me that having success doesn't mean you settle, it means you push further. You push pass your personal limits. Having passion for what you do also help. If you don't have that inner love and desire and want for success- then it will never come.



Only YOU- are the creator of your own DESTINY. 

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