20th Payment! Thanks Bitlanders! ^_^

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I was a bit in awe last night when I received that good news. Indeed I received my 20th payment but was puzzled because the payment was still not received in my bitcoin wallet.

So I surveyed several bit friends who had also received the same ticket as mine to asked them if they had received their payment too. Good thing I've seen that sis saori-sam has also received her payment yet she is also questioning if the payments did get through to our bitcoin wallets.

Indeed it's not only me. We've chitchat a while ago about the issues and asked her if she had emailed the admin about it. Indeed she already did, while me (the lazy bee, lol) still waited and just take my time. lol

But when I opened my email a while ago...wow!

And when I checked my bitcoin wallet:

Oh yes, I now have the payment!!! It's my 20th payment actually and this is a milestone for me. ^_^

Thanks again bitlanders for giving us the chance to be rewarded with those things we are sharing in here.

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