22 Mind-Blowing Facts About Pakistan You Never Knew!

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Like everything else, we as Pakistanis have become too negative about our country. We never try to know the positive side of anything, because 'THEY' don't want us to know it, I mean why would they? Our land is so rich of of everything that anyone can fall in love with it and that's the last thing any 'Invisible hand' would want.

Some facts about Pakistan, that will blow your mind off and will make you realize that we're in a bad condition because of ourselves, our country has everything that it needs, to be called the best country in the world!

1. Fourth Largest Broadband Internet System Of The World Is In Pakistan



 2. Pakistan’s Literacy Rate Has Grown By 250% In The Last Five Years

It is the largest increase any country has experienced to date.


3. Pakistan Is The First Islamic Country To Attain The Nuclear Power


4. Babar Iqbal From Pakistan Is Not Just The Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

He is also the Youngest Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) and Certified Web Professional Associate (CIWA) in the world.



5. Pakistan Has The Sixth Largest Military Force In The World



6. Pakistan’s National Anthem Tune Ranks First In The Top Three Tunes Of The World!


7.  World’s Largest Deep Sea Port Is In Pakistan (Gwadar)

19 Mar 2007, Gwadar, Pakistan --- A ship is seen anchored at Pakistan's Gwadar deep-sea port on the Arabian Sea. Pakistan tightened security around a coastal town in Baluchistan province  before the opening of a port authorities hope will bring prosperity to the remote and troubled region.    --- Image by ?Reuters/Corbis


8. About 50% Of The World’s Footballs Are Made In Pakistan



9. Pakistan Is Notable For Having One Of The Best Trained Air-Force Pilots In The World!



10.  Worlds Largest Man Made Forest Is In Pakistan (Changa Manga)



11.  The Highest Railway Station of Asia Is In Pakistan (Kan Mehtarzai, Quetta)



12. First PC Virus Was Created By Two Pakistani Brothers

(Maybe not something to be very proud of, but it still might have required an impressive level of intellect to do so)

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13. First Pakistani Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. Abdus Salam (Physics 1979)



14. The Largest Irrigation System Of World Is In Pakistan (Indus Basin)



15. Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Hailed As The 'Worlds Best Qawwal Of The 20th Century”, Known As 'The Legend'



16. World’s 7th largest Pool of Scientists and Engineer Is In Pakistan



17. The Shah Faisal Mosque in Islamabad Can Accommodate Almost 100,000 Worshipers.

Completed in 1976, it could at that time probably hold the city’s entire population



18.  World’s Highest Paved International Road, Under World’s Toughest Terrain Is In Pakistan (Connects Northern Areas to China)



19. Air Commodore MM ALAM (Late) Has A World Record Of Shooting Down 5 Planes In Less Than A Minute



20. Highest Polo Ground In The World Is In Pakistan



21. Third (3rd) Most Sexiest Men In The World Are Pakistanis



22. World's Largest Ambulance Network Is The Edhi Ambulance Network



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