25 gifs, that will teach you, 25 facts.

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This is a small compilation of interesting GIFs. Remember to buzz if you liked it!

1. Average woman into a magazine cover woman.


2. How light travels trought optic fiber.


3. This is how a barcode works.


4. You can make a ying yang using circles.


5. 8 Yearsh on earth are around 13 on Venus.


6. Anodized titanium colors.


7. How bolts are made.


8. This is how snails "walk".


9. How do your car brakes work?


10. How focal longitude distorts the scale on the picture's objects.


11. How to open your locked car with a cord. (this one is a lifesaver!)


12. How to check if a battery has charge?


13. Solar Eclypse filmed at 35.000 ft (above the clouds).


14. Red blood cells around the body


15. Why you should always wear your seatbelt.


16. A method of ow extrasolar planets are detected.


17. A day at one of the poles.


18. How to perform a "solo" Heimlick maneuver.


19. What happens when you press a keyboard key?


20. Does this need a caption?


21. Crater formation on a meteorite impact.


22. Evolution theory in a gif.


23. 20 most common patterns on 10 millon passwords (and then you wonder how that person was the best on that sperm batch)


24. This is how your toilet works.


25. Gatling gun firing mechanism,

I hope you enjoyed it!

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