25 Years Down the Line

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Gary Kendall is a blues music institution here in Toronto. A bassist for the Canadian Blues group, Downchild Blues Band for many years, Gary has somehow managed to sidestep many of the problems that seem to dog the average musician.  While some of his colleagues flamed and burned, Gary has been steadfastly plying his trade for the past 25 or more years.

He has put out several CDs and is always extremely busy.  He got in touch with me a while back and told me he would be releasing a rather special CD before Christmas 2013. It was called "The Way We Was" .  I was hoping that I would write a review about the CD.  My curiosity was peaked when he told me this CD was a collection of songs recorded 25 years ago with his old band, the Kendall-Wall band. WE chatted and I told him I would like to do an interview with him talking about how that CD came to be. So we set aside some time and did that interview.

Photo by Bruce M. Walker

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