28 Letters [Second Letter]

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Second Letter


To the man of the house, the husband, provider and most especially, the father.

Be proud, you are doing a great job! People have always been tagged you as 'the provider' however don't be too hard on yourself. There may be times that you'll feel tired, exhausted and at the point of giving up. Take a break, rest but never give up. Take some time off but don't stop, pause but don't quit.

Take some time off but don't stop, pause but don't quit.



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It's not easy being tough when you feel weary yet you just stand firm. It's okay to show emotions, to say what you really feel. It's okay to not be okay, you're human as well, remember that. You are not required to be perfect, you can make mistakes however learn from them. Embrace them, they'll make you a good man in the making.

People look up to you, especially the little ones' making your life more magical. Those little eyes think you are great and that is true. You are doing a great job!

Those little eyes think you are great and that is true. You are doing a great job!

Those little hands of your baby, they think you are the best, and yes, you are their best shield from any harm, be that armor in the battlefield.

Those little eyes look up to you, they worship your strength, use it properly to nurture them.

Those little feet that stand next to you, remember that they will always walk next to you, guide them to be a good individual.

That little heart beating inside your child's chest, teach them to be humble, show them humility. Be that model of love, how they should treat their neighbors with love, with respect. Tell them it is earned and not impose, not just because you are a father but because everyone deserves to be respected.

Father, you are given full responsibility to a new life, it is not easy yet you are proud to be one. That is good, what you're doing is great! You should really be proud of yourself.

For the wife who stands next to her husband, continue what you are doing even if at some point may be hard for you to love him, that's the best time for you to love him more. What you both have is a sacred vow, till the end, till time and eternity. When you think it's hard, hold his hand, he needs you more than wine. Shortcomings are part of life, embrace them together. Be grateful and be kind, never use harsh words when you speak of him, or to him, remember that he, your husband, is a mirror of yourself.


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To the man of the house, build your kingdom with love, trust, respect and most especially, build your home which our Heavenly Father entitled you to nurture in His presence. Pray with your family. You are stronger together, forever.

Your loving wife.




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