2D Animation

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2-Dimensional Animation the term “2D” refers to animation that is created using two dimensional drawings. This type of animations is flat in nature and it’s also known as Traditional Animation, where typically it’s drawn on paper and then digitally outlined and coloured frame by frame. Classic hand drawn animation is the main example for this type. 2D animation is created through a series of images quickly flashing through several frames in minutes. Each image is slightly altered in each frame as desired, so that when play in sequence, they result in seamless changes and gradual movements.

     In recent years, research on 2D image manipulation has received a huge amount of interest.Very powerful solutions for problems such as


     Image Completion

     Texture Synthesis

      Rigid Image Manipulation have been presented. Based on these and similar methods, it has now become possible to explore interesting new ideas to reanimate still pictures.A variety of computer software programs aide in the creation of 2D Animation, programs include Adobe Illustrator, In Design, Adobe Photoshop and after effects as well as Apple Motion and Adobe Flash.