2nd Blog Submitted for Review - Birthday Wish For Our Grandmother

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            Its been a long time already since the last time that I have submitted an article for review. So I decided to edit one and submit it for review today May 2, 2015. It was about my grandmother`s birthday. I am very delighted to see the happy face of Ma`am Hillary again. It says "Your submission has been received. Hillary will review it as soon as Ballz dilates his time for her". I`s still curious, who is Ballz anyway? The review cost me 10 gems. I hope it will reviewed soon. Also I am hoping to get a positive result on my second blog submitted. I haven`t forgotten to add tags on it. I am not just sure if it is correct? :)

            Below are some of my screen shots while submitting my blog for review. Maybe next time I will try to record it. You can submit your blog for review too. It will increase buzz score thus increasing earning too. Have a nice day friends!!! Thanks for reading..



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