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There are many sponsored films in the box office which still gets the priorities and the others which do not get it. The lack of everything in all the term as well as the magnetic attraction in the casting should always be really very good. There should be many referrals in which there shall be always a good hit. There are several films which break the deadlocks and get in the matter of all the entertainments. The film of 3 Idiots is one of the major stars from the blockbuster list. The levels of all the better films are produced with a high budget and they all capture the value for the better reviews. The film of 3 Idiots became a blockbuster hit when it was released worldwide. The total gross income was of 392 Crore INR marketing to be the highest Bollywood film in accordance with the money. The Aamir Khan starred film got awful lot of applauses with the supporting roles generated with Karenna Kapoor along with the wonderful role of Boman Irani. The film starred the show of college in which, a student believed in practical works and the others who believed in the Theoretical works. The works done by the student to fulfill the consequences are also applauded. The film also grasps the heat of all the money being income before the release. The songs of the film 3 Idiots is also very good and some of them have also been nominated for national level Filmfare awards. The rear end of the 2011 year got the first show for the film being released in 2122 theatres worldwide. The final reviews suggested that the film was an ultimate hit. The tremendous acting of Aamir khan also won him awards for the level best.

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